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basketcase JavaScript algebraic data types, pattern matching and multi methods

binders binders creates binders full of bound methods

caller-id A utility for getting information on the caller of a function in node.js

conjugate-gradient Conjugate gradient solver

crust A small client to test REST services.

cubic-hermite Cubic hermite interpolation

embryo The most simple, customizable and easy to use JavaScript standard inheritance library

enchain Method chaining DSL builder

es5class Prototypal inheritance based on ES5 Object.create and Object.defineProperty for node.js and modern browsers

eva Functions to create functions and evaluate expressions

express-method-override Override the method of a request based on a the X-HTTP-Method-Override header or custom query/post parameter.

fm function modulation utility module

fnoverload Help library for function overloading in JavaScript

fnq [Function Queue] - Queue functions to be run in guaranteed order (async)

generic-function A generic function implementation for node.js with CLOS-like (Common Lisp Object System) syntax.

grunt-remove-calls Grunt task to remove method calls statements

huskies-lock Lock method according to options, is huskies framework's middle.

huskies-strict strict method , is huskies middleware.

koa-methodoverride HTTP method override for koa

lockmethod lock method for node.js

method Functional polymorphic method dispatch

method-router Return a filter function for http-requests for get,post,put,delete - works well with routes-router

methodify Take a set of functions and make them methods of specified object

methodmissing create method missing captureable object

middleman A small library that lets you inject some code between a third party library and the execution context. With **Middleman.js** you can easily:

mschema-rpc Minimalistic Remote Procedural Call library using mschema validation for remote method's input and output.

named-parameters A small and simple utility for working with named parameters. (I.e., for using maps as function arguments, rather than arrays.) Inspired by optimist.

normalize-arguments Normalize arguments almost like for overloaded methods (not really)

objectfactory A modular JavaScript inheritance library that works nicely with browserify, CommonJS or just vanilla JavaScript.

overloading Define complex overloading strategies for functions.

promiseto A convenience method for converting methods requiring a callback to return a promise instead

replace-method JavaScript post-processing step to replace specific function/method calls with other bits of JavaScript

show-methods list all the methods in a node object

sjsclass sjsClass - Simple JavaScript Class - Inheritance

solv Enterprise JavaScript Toolset

strict-method strict method

synths Synthesize property with type, methods, operators and more.

trainwreck Chaining made easy.

transparent Simple, removable proxies for JavaScript methods.

unirest Lightweight HTTP Request library.

watchables Watchable value abstraction

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