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ak-template micro template engine

app mirco web app framework

armstrong A JavaScript framework for a wonderful world

base A lightweight micro web framework that build on connect.js and written in CoffeeScript.

baseview minimalistic couchbase view client for node.js

combustion A primitive, but efficient micro-templating engine

dad Data micro-framework

define-object A bit of sugar for defining Objects and their prototypes.

emweb emweb is a micro web server designed to be lightweight and efficient.

fridge Micro framework (work in progress)

futon command line futon

gulp-micro Ensure your micro-lib stays micro

inline-templates Inline script templates for layout

kebab Half queue half pubsub. Super small (< 30 loc) and simple queue that supports subscribers.

lexxy lexxy is a simple lexer for Node.js.

lit Micro-literate programming lib for javascript, inspired by docco

locator-micro Micro template compiler for locator

marly Marly, the micro data mining library.

martel Martel is a micro framework to help you prototype out your site ideas.

microbial A micro services toolkit

micron Minimalist extensions to the Node.js core HTTP server.

mikebase Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

mtmpl Javascript micro-templating for NodeJS.

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

requirejs-micro-template An AMD loader plugin for loading micro templates.

selfish Class-free, pure prototypal inheritance

seneca A Micro-Services Framework for Node.js

si-prefix SI and IEC compatible numeric formatter

srvc Micro-services framework

tiny-style A tiny library for creating and manipulating head stylesheets with a similar API to jQuery

uasync micro async library for lodash or underscore

ulib ulib - micro library for making other libraries

upm Micro Package Manager (µpm) - a (very) tiny package manager

utp utp (micro transport protocol) implementation in node

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