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access-logger Extensive access logger middleware

ach Connect middleware for setting Access-Control headers

acl An Access Control List module, based on Redis with Express middleware support

addepar-connect-less Forked from connect-less and updated LESS version dependency

api-fixture-proxy API proxy that serves fixtures from a directory.

api-signed-request Signed request server/client for token-based APIs

apicache An ultra-simplified API/JSON response caching middleware for Express/Node using plain-english durations.

appserver A connect based middleware to support local development against a remote backend.

artisan-delegator Connect based routing middleware

artsholland Access the Arts Holland API

aspa-express Simple, lightweight, dependency-free Connect module for using web assets packaged by aspa.

assembly build tool to assemble client side javascript projects

assetgraph-middleware Express middleware for optimizing and manipulating HTML pages and their related assets while serving them

assets-middleware Abstract asset middleware for compilation, concatenation, and post-processing.

authenticate Access token authentication middleware for Express, NodeJS

authenticated ensure a request is authenticated

authorize-mw Authorization middleware for Node.js and the Javascript platform in general

authorizer Lightweight connect based authorization middleware with express-style routing.

auto-jsonp express jsonp middleware

avenue File system dervied routes for Node.js and the browser.

backbone.middleware Routers are fine, but sometime you need moar.

bark A collection of web rendering functions

basil Middleware oriented proxy

batchsky A http Batch API server with support for chunked-streaming.

beeline A laughably simplistic router for node.js

blage http module middleware

bluebird-hooks implementation of hooks using bluebird promises

blunt-stack midlleware stak -- ripped from creationix/stack

bndlr CDN & Dev friendly static content bundler

book-loggly loggly middleware for the book logging framework

browser-check Check if client browser matches rules defined with semver syntax

browserify-0.6 browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules

browserify-bypass browserify middleware to declare alternative requires for the browser

browserify-dev-middleware Middleware to compile browserify files on request for development purpose.

browserify-express browserify v2 middleware for express

browserify-middleware express middleware for browserify v2

browserifymagic more magical browserify middleware.

browserijade A Browserify middleware that pre-compiles Jade templates on the server and uses the light-weight Jade runtime made for the browser to render them on the client.

buffet Performance-oriented static file server

bunyan-request-logger Automated request logging connect middleware for Express. Powered by Bunyan.

cacheable-middleware Middleware component to set cache headers on responses from an Express or Connect server

cacheman Small and efficient cache provider for Node.JS with In-memory, Redis and MongoDB engines

cacher A memcached backed http cache in the form of express middleware

canned-responses connect middleware that returns pre-configured responses

caster Multicast Service Discovery

castform Async form validation on the client and server.

catberry Catberry is a framework for fast and modular web-applications. Write module once and use it at server and browser without any additional logic

catberry-example Example application for catberry framework

catberry-localization Localization module for catberry framework

cgi-gin Connect middleware for a folder of javascript modules

chai-connect-middleware Helpers for testing Connect middleware with the Chai assertion library.

chainof chain functions like `Connect`. for Chain Of Responsibility.

chaos-monkeyware Chaos Monkey implemented as Node.js Express-compatible middleware.

chromelogger Log and inspect your server-side code in the Chrome console using Chrome Logger

client-certificate-auth middleware for Node.js implementing client SSL certificate authentication/authorization

climatecounts Access API methods

co-assets-compiler Assets compiler for CompoundJS

co-express An express wrapper that enables generators to be used as middlewares

co-middleware Middleware registering/running methods based using co

co-nib nib support for CompoundJS's AssetsCompiler

co-ware Ware inspired, easily create your own middleware layer using generators via co.

cobweb Web auditing and analysis framework

cobweb-compose Middleware composition utility

cobweb-queue Adds queuing functionality to Cobweb

coffee-middle A connect middleware for compiling coffeescript.

coffee-middleware coffee-script middleware for connect.

coffeemiddle coffee-middleware like less-middleware

compile-middleware Generic Express.js/Connect middleware handling runtime compilization tasks

compile-mw-jade-runtime Jade runtime script middleware built on compile-middleware

compile-mw-less Jade runtime script middleware built on compile-middleware

compile-mw-marked Markdown middleware built on compile-middleware and marked

compiln Asset compiler middleware for Connect (node.js) that supports plugins.

compiln-browserify Compiln plugin to utilize browserify.

compiln-coffeescript Compiln plugin to render CoffeeScript.

compiln-images Compiln plugin to process images.

compiln-stylus Compiln plugin to render Stylus.

component-channel-debounce debounce middleware for component-channel

component-channel-drop drop middleware for component-channel

component-channel-latency latency middleware for component-channel

conduit A event system for the browser that also runs server side in Node.js.

connect High performance middleware framework

connect_router The original router from connect 1.x - the High performance middleware framework

connect-acceptoverride Override `Accept` header if URL ends with .json or .xml

connect-access Access controls (ACLs) by location as a Connect middleware

connect-acl Simple roles and permissions-based ACL for Connect and Express

connect-api REST JSON API connect middleware

connect-attack A connect middleware for blocking & throttling abusive clients

connect-baddies A [Connect]( middleware for filtering suspicious HTTP requests based on 422 request user-agent and url rules.

connect-bitcoin wire up connect/express applications with bitcoin support.

connect-body-rewrite Rewrite request bodies.

connect-busboy Connect middleware for busboy

connect-cache Caching system for Connect

connect-cachify-static static (simpler and faster) variant of connect-cachify middleware

connect-callback A middleware for Connect and Express that allows sending data to a response stream using the callback API

connect-caminte CrossDB session store for Connect and ExpressJS

connect-categorizr Connect middleware for device detection based on Categorizr

connect-chain Connect-Chain composes a connect middleware from a chain of middlewares to be called in series.

connect-clientinfa Connect/Express Middleware for additional client information

connect-coffee Automatic compilation and minification for CoffeeScript under Connect

connect-compiler Dynamically recompile stale assets

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