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courlan Middleware manager for express web framework

crawl-parser Connect middleware that allow the search engines, facebook, twitter crawlers... to read your webapp page

crypto-auth API Authentication Middleware based on Signed-Certificates (SHA-256) and Token based session with limited TTL.

csrf Light-weight CSRF protection middleware with IP whitelisting

csrf-crypto Connect middleware for session-less CSRF protection using cryptography.

cssify2 Browserify v2 middleware for adding required styles to the page.

curate API Manufacturer for Query Objects

dactyloscope Dead-simple asset fingerprinting for Express.js.

danzi A uploader middleware for express application

dat-middleware common request, response, body, query, and param validation, transformation, and flow control middleware

deface node.js/express port of spree/deface. Allows overriding of HTML without partials.

deqorator A very lightweight queued decorator for Node.js to easily decorate objects using middleware.

detour Resource-oriented routing: Route to objects instead of functions for better code-reuse and organization.

dingo Django inspired web development framework on NodeJS

dirac-middleware Express middleware for building JSON HTTP interfaces with dirac

diretto Filesystem-based routing for Express.js

dirlist A simple & old school directory listing middleware for node. Inspired by Apache's mod_autoindex.

dish miniature in-memory http cache optimized for serving buffers or strings

dkastner-browserify Browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules

dnode-stack dnode middleware for processing web middleware stacks for

dns-middleware DNS-lookup middleware for connect/express

doccomatic Connect middleware to generate and serve Docco pages.

dockmaster Vhost middleware router for Distribute that uses Seaport to intelligently route requests

docserver Serve Markdown documents as static content (middleware)

dogstatsyware middleware for dogstatsd

dom-middleware Connect/Express middleware that allows you to rewrite text/html using client side techniques

domain-http-server A module for attaching domains to request and response objects

dominion A domain middleware for express apps, capable of handling multiple apps.

doubledot-browserify Browser-side require() for js directories and npm modules. Parent paths are allowed

drouter A node.js directory-driven router for connect/express

dust-partials-middleware A memoized server-side precompiler for dustjs.

easy-routes cakePHP inspired router for connect/express

ecstatic A simple static file server middleware that works with both Express and Flatiron

eight-track Record and playback HTTP requests

ejs-amd standalone and express/connect middleware to serve EJS template as AMD .js files to the browser

ejs-template Nodejs EJS file-based templating

em-rest-service RESTful Service Middleware for ee-webservice

ember-template-middleware Ember template compiler middleware.

epo-ops Access some basic EPO Open Patent Services

escort Routing and URL generation middleware

esecurity Add security layers to express.

evercookie This is a conenct/express middleware for evercookie. For more information, visit or

expires-middleware Middleware to set cache-control expiration headers

expres Add express compatible methods to your response object

express-airmail Express Airmail is an Express/Connect middleware for nodemailer.

express-analytics simple analytics middleware for express

express-asset-versions Simple versioning for assets in express.js

express-auth An express middleware for auth using header

express-bouncer Express middleware for mitigating brute-force attacks

express-bundles A dumb asset bundling middleware for Express

express-cbor An express.js middleware for cbor support.

express-chrome-logger Debug your express app using the Chrome console.

express-chromeframe Dead simple middleware to enable chromeframe on connect/express applications.

express-cocaine-service Cocained service middleware wrapper for express

express-common-errors a express error handler express-scaffold built-in

express-compiless Express middleware that compiles less files to css on the way out.

express-crash Crash handling for express.

express-cross-origin Express middleware for enabling cross origin access control

express-csrf Cross-site request forgery protection for Express

express-csrf-local Express middleware for including the token generated by Connect's CSRF middleware in the locals object for templates.

express-current the current page middleware express-scaffold built-in

express-devbar Development bar middleware that shows Git/Heroku info.

express-diaochapai An express middleware for diaochapai.

express-domain-middleware wrap express request/response with node domains

express-ember-handlebars express middleware for ember handlebars based on

express-ensure-ctype Express middleware for blocking unwanted Content-Type(s).

express-err Basic error handler for express.

express-errorstrap Express Error Handling Middleware

express-eventsource Server-sent events middleware for expressjs

express-force-login ExpressJS middleware to force a user to login.

express-force-ssl Force SSL on particular/all pages in Express

express-group Group express routes and middleware

express-group-handlers Apply a middleware only to a group of route handlers in Express

express-group-middleware Express.js group middleware

express-har-capture Express middleware for capturing HAR (HTTP ARchive)-files

express-html-snapshots Express HTML snapshots middleware

express-ie-cors express middleware to add cors support to IE 8-9

express-imageserf express component to scale and serve images from configurable storage backends

express-installer a configs installer middleware express-scaffold built-in

express-ipfilter A light-weight IP address based filtering system

express-joi An A validation middleware for express using the Joi validation suite from Eran Hammer/Walmart Labs

express-json A middleware for Express that sets Content-Type to text/plain if Accept header doesn't contain application/json.

express-json5 json/json5 body parsing middleware

express-keenio Express middleware for creating events from request-responses.

express-layers group express middleware into layers

express-middleware-image Express middleware to resize pictures from url parameters Expose github style as an endpoint using middleware

express-middleware-timer A simple timer implementation for debugging express middleware.

express-middleware-validate A simple middleware that verifies existence of post parameters.

express-middlewares Express middleware collections

express-middlewares-js Require all basic connect/express middlewares

express-mobile-detection [DEPRECATED] Express middleware to check useragent for mobile or tablet devices.

express-mongo-db Mongodb connection middleware for express

express-mongodb MongoDB session store for ExpressJS

express-myconnection Connect/Express middleware that auto provides mysql connections.

express-nudist Express middleware to create a "naked" (www-less) domain.

express-passport a passport middleware express-scaffold built-in

express-ping Express middleware. Exposes a common API to inform about its internal status and health.

express-ping-middleware Robust, high-quality ping middleware for express

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