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blkswan MySQL migration generator

db-migrate Database migration framework for node.js

east node.js database migration tool

east-mongo mongodb adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)

east-sqlite sqlite adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)

elasticdump import and expot tools for elasticsearch

gc2gh-issue-migrator Migration tool(s) for fetching issues from the Google Code Project Hosting Issue Tracker API and translating that data into a GitHub Issue Tracker offline-importable format.

grunt-klei-migrate A gruntplugin for klei-migrate

grunt-migrate Wrapper grunt task for the node-migrate module. Very handy if you are going to need a generic interface for your migrations and want to automate them.

grunt-mongo-migrations A helper grunt task to manage Mongoose MongoDB database migrations.

klei-migrate A database independent migration tool which support different migrations in different git branches

libereco Liberate your photos from the hosting platforms lockin.

mig MongoDB migration framework

migraine Custom bin script for node-migrate to work around not bailing on error

migrate Abstract migration framework for node

migrate-cubrid-to-mysql Migrate cubird to mysql.

migrate-db Abstract mongodb backed migration framework for node

migrate-oracle-to-mysql Mirate oracle to mysql.

migration Abstract migration framework for node

milkshake Extendable database agnostic migration command line tool and mini-framework for node.js. Inspired by the Rails migrate tool and node-migrate.

monarch A command line utility for generic migrations in Node.js.

mongo-migrate Migration framework for mongo in node

mongodb-migrations A migration framework for MongoDB

mongoose-migrate Abstract migration framework for node

mongoose-migrate-mongohq Abstract migration framework for node

mysql-dynamo-pump Pump data from a mysql databse to aws dynamo db.

nodebb-plugin-import Import your structured set of forum data to nodebb

nodebb-plugin-import-ubb a UBB forum exporter to import-ready files

pg-migrator The complete and easy to use command-line migration tool for PostgreSQL

redis-migrate CLI tool to create and run redis key migrations

semver-migrate upgrade objects based on a semver-keyed migration map

sequelize-migrator Migrate SequelizeJS migrations without SequelizeMeta table dependency and depdency management.

solr2solr Migrate one Solr index to another, and multiply/manipulate the data on the way

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