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addendum Database migrations for Node.js

bass-migrations Migration library for BASS

ektorp Migrations framework for CouchDB. Some assembly required!

grunt-migrations Migrate your databases simply using Grunt

grunt-mongo-migrations A helper grunt task to manage Mongoose MongoDB database migrations.

mgrt Database migration tool for node.js

mgrt-migrations Migrations dir creation plugin for mgrt

migraine Custom bin script for node-migrate to work around not bailing on error

migrate Abstract migration framework for node

migrate-db Abstract mongodb backed migration framework for node

migration Abstract migration framework for node

mite SQL schema migrations so easy you already know how to write them. guaranteed.

mongo-migrate Migration framework for mongo in node

mongodb-migrations A migration framework for MongoDB

mongoose-migrate Abstract migration framework for node

mongoose-migrate-mongohq Abstract migration framework for node

patio Patio query engine and ORM

sails-migrations The missing, migrations, arm of the octopus

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