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bukkit Control your Bukkit Minecraft server

bukkit-stats Gets a server's stats displayed in the client serverlist

burningpig-encryption A pure javascript module for the RSA functionality for BurningPig & Minecraft encryption

craft An HTML5 crafting API.

dynmapinfo Uho, good module...

geologist talk to your minecraft server with http

helperbot A mineflayer bot that helps you do things in minecraft.

hubot-mcrcon A Minecraft RCON script for Hubot

isabella-texture-pack Creative commons licensed texture pack for voxel games

jsmc Pure JavaScript Minecraft server

mc_jsonapi Connect to minecraft server running JSONAPI plugin with TCP socket

mc-ping Pings a Minecraft server for its MOTD and other data

mcauth MCAuth.js =========

mccussfilter Minecraft anti cuss proxy server

mcnet Bindings to the libmcnet Minecraft network protocol parser library

mcquery minecraft query protocol wrapper for node

mcserve serve minecraft with a simple chat logging web interface

minecraft-pe-proxy Proxy for Minecraft Pocket Edition to connect to internet servers without app modification

minecraft-pi-vec3 A Node.js API for Minecraft: Pi Edition using Vec3.

minecraft-protocol Parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.

minecraft-runner A node module meant to manage a minecraft server instance

minecraft-server-admin API for managing a minecraft server instance

minecraft-server-properties Parse and stringify the Minecraft file format

minecraft-versions Queries the Official Minecraft Versions JSON API provided by Mojang

minecraft.js Minecraft data serialization/deserialization and networking

mineflayer-blockfinder mineflayer plugin which gives bots a function to find the nearest block

mineflayer-navigate mineflayer plugin which adds 3d pathfinding

mineflayer-scaffold mineflayer plugin to build or break blocks to get to a certain point

mineflayer-voxel A plugin to give you a web-based view of your mineflayer bot.

msm A node.js wrapper for Minecraft Server Manager

nbt A parser for NBT archives

nbt-stream Parse or Compile NBT files

nibbit NBT encoder and decoder

nibbit-nolong NBT encoder and decoder

playerdat load player.dat into an inventory

rbot bot made with mineflayer which can do task

rtkapi An API to communicate with an R11 server

tellraw2dom tellraw to DOM converter

votifier Bukkit's Votifier for Node.js

votifier-client Server list module for sending votes to Votifier servers

voxel-level store voxel.js chunks in level.js

yggdrasil Mojang authentication (Yggdrasil) client

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