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api-closure-compiler A Grunt task for Closure Compiler.

aspax The simple Node.js asset packager.

aspax-express Module enabling Express.js to handle assets built and packaged by ASPAX.

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

broccoli-clean-css CSS minifier for Broccoli with clean-css

broccoli-closure-compiler Minify JavaScript with Closure Compiler

browserify-minify-module-paths Take your browserify output, run it through this to compress all the require statements. So require('something') becomes require(1)

cassette-express Punk, carefree Browser-side Javascript Asset Bundling for Express sites

closure-tools Google Closure Tools :: Python files on npm

glsl-min-stream through stream that transforms glsl-parser AST nodes and rewrites variables into shorter forms

grunt-closure-compiler A Grunt task for Closure Compiler.

grunt-closure-compiler-modules A Grunt task for Closure Compiler.

grunt-closure-tools Google Closure Library Tools for grunt, Compiler, DepsWriter, Builder.

grunt-closure-tools-murally Google Closure Library Tools for grunt, Compiler, DepsWriter, Builder.

grunt-closurefx-builder A Grunt task for Closure FX Builder.

grunt-csswring Minify CSS files using PostCSS-based CSSWring.

grunt-forcemin Mindlessly updates references to revisioned files in your source code

grunt-minified A grunt plugin to minify given JavaScript files

grunt-plovr-extended Grunt plugin wrapper for google closure tool plovr - includes all Features without the need of an external config File for Plovr

grunt-smaller Grunt plugin wrapping 'Smaller', a minification service for javascript and stylesheets (

grunt-sourcemap-modifier SourceMap modifier to correct paths

gulp-min-map gulp plugin for CSS/JS minification mapping using HTML5 data attributes

handlebars-helper-minify {{minify}} handlebars helper, for minification of HTML with html-minifier.

jsmin2 Another port of JSMin -- this time outputting a coordinate map

md-minify Markdown Minification

metalsmith-uglify An uglify plugin for metalsmith

mimosa-minify-img A module for Mimosa to minify GIF, JPEG, JPG and PNG

minifyjs A node-based javascript minifier/beautifier.

minimonster Nodejs minification middleware for express/connnect with in memory caching support

minimus Asset bundler for express.js apps with S3 deployment option

ncss CSS stream compressor

ngmin-dynamic annotate angular apps using this one weird trick

packjs Concatenates and minifies *.coffee and *.js files as specified via Snockets' require directive.

superstartup-closure-compiler Google Closure Compiler distributable

task-closure-tools Google Closure Library Tools, Compiler, DepsWriter, Builder.

uglify-save-license License detector for UglifyJS

unsafe-minifier A command line minifier that morphs code to provide additional (unsafe) minification before standard minification.

yuicompressor YUICompressor CLI and Node.js require

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