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ams ams - asset management system - plugin enabled build tool with jquery like API

appstackr browser app packager - package your browser clients in simple and centralized way and build them for CDN deployment

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

assetone Packages up CommonJS modules for the browser

assets-packager Very fast assets pipeline - combines power of async, uglify-js, clean-css, enhance-css and couple other tools to make your assets production-ready

autominify Auto-minifier middleware for js files in an express-served node.js project

brnfckr A brainfuck minifier written in JavaScript

broccoli-clean-css CSS minifier for Broccoli with clean-css

bund-cake A JavaScript bundler and minifier for express.

bundy Easy and lightweight tool to quickly bundle JavaScript (and CSS and other assets) releases.

clean-css A well-tested CSS minifier

clean-css-pre-2.1.0 A well-tested CSS minifier

csswring Minify CSS file. That's only.

ferguson An asset manager

fis-optimizer-html-minifier A optimizer plugin for fis to compress html by using html-minifier.

fis-optimizer-png-compressor A optimizer for fis to compress png by using node-pngcrush and node-pngquant-native.

gel-minifier minifies gel files

gk-minifier GK Minifier

gljsmin convert .vert and .frag files from a folder into a useful .js file with module.exports

glslmin CLI tool to minify glsl programs

grunt-csso Minify CSS files with CSSO.

grunt-esmin A minimal Grunt plugin that concatenates and minifies ExtendScript files.

gulp-image-optimization Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images. this is based on with stream-limit implementation

gulp-imagemin Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images

gulp-ngmin Pre-minify AngularJS apps with ngmin

gulp-optipng Lossless compression of PNG images

gulp-svgo Minify SVG images

gulp-tinypng gulp plugin to compress png images using tinypng api

handlebars-helper-minify {{minify}} handlebars helper, for minification of HTML with html-minifier.

hashcat Commandline application to concatenate, minify, cache-bust and replace JS references

hexo-minifer CSS and JavaScript minification plugin for Hexo

hexo-minifier CSS and JavaScript minification plugin for Hexo

html-minifier HTML minifier with lint-like capabilities.

joinjs Packages up CommonJS modules for the browser

jraiser-compiler Complier to build jRaiser module

jraiser-mdk JRaiser Module Development Kit

jstify Browserify transform for pre-compiled Underscore and Lo-Dash templates (with HTML minification)

luamin A Lua minifier written in JavaScript

mermin Simple merger/minifier/compiler/resource manager for cluster/express

minifyjs A node-based javascript minifier/beautifier.

minifymyjs A tool to easily minifying your JavaScript files using the API

minimonster Nodejs minification middleware for express/connnect with in memory caching support

nconf-jsonminify A simple wrapper for nconf + jsonminify.

ncss CSS stream compressor

ngmin AngularJS Minifier

ngmin-with-comments AngularJS Minifier (modified to not remove comments)

node-minify Javascript / CSS minifier based on YUI Compressor / Google Closure Compiler / UglifyJS2 / Sqwish / Clean-css / CSSO

ready.js continuous javascript integration

relateurl Minify URLs by converting them from absolute to relative.

resmin All-in-one compressor/merger/minifier middleware for connect/express

rigging JS/CSS asset compilation middleware

script-server Minifies and serves to client js scripts

tuild A easy and advanced build/minifier for JS, CSS and HTML. The name is the join of this & build - tuild

voodoo website checker/optimizer/cleaner

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