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adhesive Simple build tool that combines your JS and outputs a source map, with JSON configuration.

advpng-bin advpng wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux

ams ams - asset management system - plugin enabled build tool with jquery like API

assembler Assemble and minify your assets for deployment

asset-bundler pack and create asset bundles for your static js and css files

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

assetr Assetr - Node CLI helper to build our assets (css, js, less)

att an easy frontend developer tool

auto-grunt A task-based command line auto build tool for static resource.

automaton Task automation tool

autominify Auto-minifier middleware for js files in an express-served node.js project

autostatic Automatically serve static files, with version control (etag support), compression and CDN support. This makes it possible to skip all the annoying packaging process when deploying your application.

brnfckr A brainfuck minifier written in JavaScript

broccoli-closure-compiler Minify JavaScript with Closure Compiler

broccoli-csso Minify CSS using CSSO

broccoli-htmlmin Minify HTML

broccoli-svgo Minify SVG using SVGO

broccoli-uglify-js UglifyJS2 filter for Broccoli

broccoli-uncss Remove unused CSS with UnCSS

build-css Helper for building/minifying LESS and CSS files

buildjs JS/CSS files compress/optimizer

buildr The (Java|Coffee)Script and (CSS|Less) (Builder|Bundler|Packer|Minifier|Merger|Checker)

bund-cake A JavaScript bundler and minifier for express.

bundy Easy and lightweight tool to quickly bundle JavaScript (and CSS and other assets) releases.

casset An asset helper for minify and execute sass

catn8 catn8 is a file concatenation tool than can also minify JavaScript using uglify-js and CSS using clean-css

cfmin Common Font Minification Tool

co-assets-compiler Assets compiler for CompoundJS

codesurgeon The Node.js build tool

coffee-assets Sprockets syntax for aggregating/minifying/gzipping CoffeeTemplates, CoffeeStylesheets, and CoffeeSprites.

coffee-distiller Merge and minify server side coffee-script files with fake CJS wrappers. This tool is useful for developers who want to distribute a SERVER SIDE coffee-script app in the form of single javascript file.

coffeebar Simplified CoffeeScript build tool.

coffeebarx Simplified CoffeeScript build tool, fork of coffeebar.

collate a .js/.coffee and .css/.less collater

combineanduglify Combine and minify multiple js files

compiler-js Merge your JS source files and minify with upglify-js

component-minify Minify css/js output with uglify-js and clean-css

connect-compiler Dynamically recompile stale assets

connect-fuse Connect middleware for the fuse library.

connect-sticky Connect middleware to concatenate, minify and serve client-side javascript

css-condense CSS compressor.

cssutil A utility tool for building/minifying/concatenating LESS and CSS files

csswring Minify CSS file. That's only.

cwebp node.js wrapper for cwebp

deployment_groove A utility to simply concatenate and minify files for production, without having a buildstep in development.

dist-js-css minify js,css

doozer-build An HTML-smart app build process.

easypack This is a very, very simple build tool to packege the js and css includes in a html file into one combined js and css (optionally minified) files

ekit-minify Minifier of js, css, html and img (extended from orginial minify package. Checkout at:

enchilada middleware for automatic javascript bundles

ender-minify Interface to UglifyJS Closure Compiler and YUICompressor

express-cdn Node.js module for delivering optimized, minified, mangled, gzipped, and CDN-hosted assets in Express using S3 and CloudFront.

express-htmlmin Minify HTML generated by Express view engine

express-istatic Add compressed inline css and scripts to your html, but write them as seperated files.

express-minify express-minify is an express middleware that automatically minify your javascript and css files.

express-minify-plus this is a slightly modified version of express-minify (by breezewish) to use nib when compiling stylus and other things in the future

express-uglify-middleware UglifyJS middleware for Express.

exstatic Express middleware to help with the bundling, minifying, obfuscating and versioning of static assets for delivery over a CDN.

fis-optimizer-html-minifier A optimizer plugin for fis to compress html by using html-minifier.

flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake

forge insert something here

full-minifier A minification engine for a specific set of files

gel-minifier minifies gel files

generator-gulp-rk Yeoman generator using gulp.js.

generator-minimizr This is a small collection of minifiers for JavaScript, StyleSheet, HTML, images.

gifsicle gifsicle wrapper that makes it seamlessly available as a local dependency on OS X, Linux and Windows

grand-central-pipeline A javascript asset pipeline for Node

grunt The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-3d Grunt tasks for compressing 3D models

grunt-append-sourcemapping Grunt task to append a JavaScript sourcemapping URL comment

grunt-buildfiles Build and set javascript, css, html, and less assets dynamically for other grunts tasks (jshint, concat, uglify) and to build index.html and other grunt template files

grunt-contrib-htmlmin Minify HTML

grunt-contrib-imagemin Minify PNG, JPEG and GIF images

grunt-dev-exitprocess The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-esmangle A Grunt plugin for mangling or minifying JavaScript files using Esmangle

grunt-esmin A minimal Grunt plugin that concatenates and minifies ExtendScript files.

grunt-filerev Asset revisioning by using file content hashing

grunt-filever Asset revisioning by using file content hashing

grunt-htmlclean Simple and lightweight cleaner for HTML that just removes unneeded whitespaces, line-breaks, comments, etc.

grunt-image Optimize PNG, JPEG, GIF images.

grunt-imgcompress Batch Minify PNG and JPEG images, Ideas come from [grunt-contrib-imagemin](

grunt-jade-filerev-usemin replace references to script/css in jade file with minified revved script/css from filerev

grunt-jade-usemin Grunt plugin for running UseMin on Jade files

grunt-jsmin-sourcemap Grunt task for JSMin and sourcemap

grunt-jsonmin A wrapper for getify/JSON.minify as a grunt task

grunt-min minify javascript, css, image

grunt-minified A grunt plugin to minify given JavaScript files

grunt-ngmin Grunt task for minifying AngularJS projects

grunt-ngmin-concat Grunt task for minifying AngularJS projects

grunt-ngmin-onebyone Grunt task for minifying AngularJS projects

grunt-ngmin-with-comments Grunt task for minifying AngularJS projects (modified to not remove comments)

grunt-qc 基于grunt修改,支持目录递归[XX/~.js]

grunt-render Grunt tasks initiated on the server side while rendering views

grunt-smaller Grunt plugin wrapping 'Smaller', a minification service for javascript and stylesheets (

grunt-sourcemap-fixer Grunt task to append source map and change path of source and minified JS files

grunt-svg-compactor Turns a folder of SVG files into a single .css file using data-uri.

grunt-svgmin Minify SVG

grunt-template-helper Grunt template processor and wrapper.

grunt-three-obj [WIP] Grunt tasks for Three OBJ

grunt-usemin2 An alternative to grunt-usemin.

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