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bitmap-to-boxes Partitions a 2D binary image into rectangles

dagger Dagger is one half of a minimal API server layer for node.js, with emphasis on minimal.

egress A minimal Express app template for a user account system.

express-proxy Minimal proxy server for express

gaunt Experimental Minimal MVC Framework

h2o Minimal and configurable boilerplate for express

hash Safely use a JavaScript object as hash

hydro-minimal Minimal interface for hydro

jserver Loosely coupled server components with multiprocess support and good test coverage

kindred A simple, DIY blogging engine

minutils Minimal utility methods for node and the browser

objdist Object distribution between server and clients via Socket.IO-socket-like transports.

oli Oli language parser and compiler for node

omega A real-time issue tracker optimized for small teams

perfect A perfect minimal hash function generator

platformjs-wiki a minimal, simple, file-based wiki/blog for small sites

stdjson Module for minimally logging JSON to stdout and stderr

sweetroll A light, minimalist, DRY, isomorphic toolkit for HTML+JS applications.

tt tiny tap test thing

xamen Minimal CI tool for node.js apps

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