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angulartics Vendor-agnostic web analytics for AngularJS applications

docpad-plugin-services Adds super simple support for many 3rd party services to DocPad

kissmymetrics KissMyMetrics is a librairy for

mixpanel A simple API for mixpanel

mixpanel_export_people Export Mixpanel people properties to an Excel Compatible CSV

mixpanel-client A simple client for mixpanel's tracking & export API. Also supports exporting via streams.

mixpanel-data A quick Mixpanel client

mixpanel-data-export A wrapper for Mixpanel's data export API. Simply instantiate the class with your API secret and key and then make calls to api methods and get json back.

mixpanel-helper A small util for building mixpanel urls with auth signatures

mixpanel-mxit Mixpanel analytics middleware for express for applications catering to the mxit mobi web api.

node-m mixpanel export api library

node-mixpanel-data-exporter Wrapper for Mixpanel Data API

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