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chino Jade based views that render server and client side

modella simplified models

modella-ajax AJAX Sync Layer for Modella

modella-change-saved Changed saved event for modella

modella-context Context access control for Modella.

modella-ejdb [ejdb]( plugin for [modella](

modella-filter A plugin for filtering things from modella objects. Useful for sharing server models to client.

modella-friendly-errors Friendly error messages for modella

modella-level-count keep a count index of the number of instances in a model

modella-level-relations levelup based modella relations

modella-mongo Modella Mongo persistence layer

modella-mongowrap A sync layer plugin for modella using mongowrap, specialized for docker based apps

modella-mysql MySQL storage plugin and persistence layer for Modella.

modella-protection Protection for mass-assignment vulnerabilities for modella.

modella-resource Expose Modella models via RESTful resource middleware.

modella-save-invalid Adds method to persist models w/o validations

modella-timestamps CreatedAt and UpdatedAt for Modella

modella-validators Validators for Modella

nails-model Models for nails-framework

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