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express-annotations Module to augment Express routes with metadata

express-combo Combo handler for express applications

express-map Exposes server route configuration with the client side via JavaScript

express-slash Express middleware for people who are anal about trailing slashes.

express-state Share server-side state with the client-side of an Express app via JavaScript.

express-view Express view class for synthetic views.

express-yui Express extension for YUI Applications

feecbr-lib feecbr micro lib based on imalberto/photonews-lib

locator gives semantic meaning to filesystem paths

locator-dust Dust template compiler for locator

locator-handlebars Handlebars template compiler for locator

locator-lang Language bundles compiler for locator

locator-micro Micro template compiler for locator

locator-yui Locator plugin for generating YUI Loader metadata for YUI modules

mojito Mojito provides an architecture, components and tools for developers to build complex web applications faster.

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