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abstract Abstraction of JavaScript Objects.

acquire.js Acquire application module. A build module encouragement tool as a step before your module becomes a full npm package.

acute Modular build management for client side javascript applications.

addons Addons securely sets your env vars.

adesso-webpack a webpack configuration and boilerplate for your javascript project

allenmodule A module for learning purpose.

AMD AMD (Asynchronous Module Definition) support for node.js, specifically define()

aml A simple asynchronous module loader with dependency management.

amm a cross-browser javascript module manager

apphome A helper to require module relative to project root "APP_HOME" instead of current module directory.

applitude Simple Module Management

ast-module-types Collection of useful helper functions when trying to determine module type (CommonJS or AMD) properties of an AST node.

async-resolve An asynchronous and configurable implementation of require.resolve(), like node-resolve or enhanced-resolve.

atob-umd A UMD module for atob()

backbone.module Rubyish include and extend for Backbone

backhoe Module to clear the commonjs module cache and mock modules.

bal-util Common utility functions for Node.js used and maintained by Benjamin Lupton


beck An ES6 Module Loader pipeline toolkit and shim.

beyo Beyo Application framework.

bigfile Turn a mapping of modules into a browser suitable package

boiledjs Engine agnostic JavaScript compiler.

boltjs Bolt module system.

bower-requirejs Automagically wire-up installed Bower components into your RequireJS config

brauth Bold Rocket Authentication module

bring A more natural and intelligent way (as opposed to the default 'require' function) to import packages to your nodejs application.

brisk-account Account management for Brisk

brisk-client Managing client-side assets for Brisk

broccoli-cjs-wrap broccoli filter for wrapping CommonJS modules

broccoli-es6-concatenator ES6 transpiler and concatenator for Broccoli

broccoli-es6-import-validate A Broccoli plugin for validating es6 imports

broccoli-es6-module-filter broccoli filter for es6 modules

broccoli-es6-module-transpiler Broccoli plugin for Square's ES6 Module Transpiler

broccoli-globalize-amd Broccoli plugin that exports your module to a global

browser-bundle-deps walk the dependency graph of a browser bundle entry file and return it as a json stream. Supports both AMD and CommonJS (node-style) modules.

btoa-umd A UMD module for btoa()

build-js A JavaScript preprocessor

bunchitos Loads a bunch of Node.js modules by a given prefix.

caller-path Get the path of the caller module

callerid Allows you to retrieve the filename or directory path of the file that has required your file/module.

canihaz canihaz allows you to lazy install npm modules because not every dependency is needed.

capri Capri Library :: Clasic object oriented JavaScript

catalyst Extensible modular REST framework.

catberry Catberry is a framework for fast and modular web-applications. Write module once and use it at server and browser without any additional logic

catberry-example Example application for catberry framework

catberry-localization Localization module for catberry framework

catberry-locator Service locator module for catberry framework

ccrypto Node.js C++ & JS-Native MD5 encoding of strings/arrays

cgeohash Node.js C++ & JS-Native GeoHash

chamber Javascript modules for the node and the browser

changed Fetches changes for a given module

cjs-to-module Convert a CJS module to an ES6 module.

cjs-vs-amd-benchmark Compare load times of CJS and AMD module systems

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

classify A Ruby-like Module & Class Inheritance Library for Javascript

cleverrulio A Rulio module that makes him...Clever-ish

cmd-util Utilities for common module definition.

cmon CommonJS and ender-inspired require/provide with events

codependency Optional peer dependencies

command-mapper Maps command aliases to real commands based on a mapping.json file.

commonjs-require browser-side CommonJS require() function.

commonjs-require-definition Simple common.js `require()` definition.

component Component package manager consuming git repositories

component-dev Component package manager consuming git repositories

composite-detect Detect your environment: Node.js, Browser, and CommonJS. Fetch counts of a user's contributions to various platforms (Github, NPM, Gem, CPAN, Nuget, ...)

core-score Ranks core modules by usage across all of NPM

cpan-count Fetch a user's CPAN count from MetaCPAN

cram An AMD-compatible build tool.

curl-amd curl.js is small, fast, extensible module loader that handles AMD, CommonJS Modules/1.1, CSS, HTML/text, and legacy scripts.

define An AMD wrapper for Node modules

define.js An asynchronous javascript module system for multiple platforms including node.js and the browser!

defuse.js define it, then use it.

denodify Use nodejs modules in the browser. Used with bb-server and html-builder

dependency Resolve and List node module dependencies for given files.

dependo Visualize your CommonJS or AMD module dependencies.

docpad-plugin-umd Wrap specified JavaScript documents in the Universal Module Definition (UMD) allowing them to run in AMD, Require.js, CommonJS/Node.js, Ender and Vanilla environments automatically

dotc c module system with #require and #export, node-style

dou Light-weight javascript module framework

dynmod Node module loader (e.g. replacement for the 'require' command for npm packages) with auto-install support and ability to handle multiple versions

each-module Execute a function on each module in a directory

easyioc Stupidly simple recursive IoC service provider.

ekitjs EkitJS - A web framework is built on the top of expressjs + mongodb native driver +, aims to reduce web development lifecycle, effective in collaboration, reusable code, dealing with business logic and support real time sync data from Database to Web Client.

ekitjs-core ekitjs core module which integrated with expressjs

emweb-wt emweb-wt is a module for emweb which adds support for Web Templates.

ericmoudle eric first personal module

es6-import-validate A simple ES6 Harmony Module import statement validator

es6-module-transpiler es6-module-transpiler is an experimental compiler that allows you to write your JavaScript using a subset of the current ES6 module syntax, and compile it into AMD, CommonJS, and globals styles.

es6-module-transpiler-rewrite es6-module-transpiler is an experimental compiler that allows you to write your JavaScript using a subset of the current ES6 module syntax, and compile it into AMD, CommonJS, and globals styles.

es6-module-transpiler-rhengles es6-module-transpiler is an experimental compiler that allows you to write your JavaScript or CoffeeScript using a subset of the current ES6 module syntax, and compile it into AMD, CommonJS, and globals styles.

etpm A Package Manager for ET

eval Evaluate node require() module content directly

exportify generate require()-able javascript files from non-javascript files

express-user-couchdb An express app module connected to couchdb _users table

falcon Kohana inspired web development framework

fibers-module fibers's first module

fid-umd Easily add UMD to your JavaScripts so they can be loaded with CommonJS, AMD (RequireJS), Rhino, node.js, in the browser and everywhere else.

find-requires Find all require() calls. Fast and solid implementation backed with direct scanner and esprima AST parser

find-root find the closest package.json

findpkg Finds the package.json file for a module

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