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module-calls Find all places a node module is used in a string of code

module-compiler kissy module compiler

module-dependency-graph Dependency Graph. Provides data structures to track transitive dependencies in a directed graph

module-deps walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

module-index Includes all modules within it's directory as an export.

module-info Find package.json files in module and load information from it

module-js Module system for JavaScript. Class, namespace, dependency injection support. RequireJS and CommonJS integration

module-loader own module load

module-resolver Asynchronous require.resolve() implementation

module-stream locate a module, immediately returning a read stream for file data

module-tidyup A simple utility to tidy up a module package.json

modulebox node.js like module environment in the browser

moduleconfig configuration loading for node modules

modulelint Check the module

modules CommonJS modules for the browser

modulify Generate nodejs modules from plain old javascript

modullatte Simple HTML module tool

modulusjs drop dead simple module definition library

monostack MONOSTACK, a modular Node.JS stackful architecture

more-jeesh A lightweight, ender.js bridge of simplified jQuery compatible methods.

morgue require with mocks for testing in node.js

mr A refresh-only CommonJS module system for browsers, used in Montage

mr-coffee CoffeeScript support for MontageJS’s Mr, Mrs, and Mop module system

mtjs My first npm module

mtpl A module generator for requirejs

mundle-coffee-script A plugin for mundlejs to allow coffee-script compilation

mundle-jade A plugin for mundlejs to allow jade compilation

munit Modular Unit Testing

mvjs Move js files and update all requires automatically.

my my JavaScript module system

myfirstmodule this is my first module

nae-sandbox Sandbox Environment for Node App Engine.

nasa-keypath New Age Keypath Traversal Technology.

needs Require multiple modules in node.js.

needy CommonJS modules for the browser, Node.js, or any other JavaScript environment.

ng-classify Compile CoffeeScript classes to AngularJS modules

ngm angular.js module tool

ninit A community-driven Node.js module bootstrapper.

nishantmendiratta-github-example Get a list of github user repos

nmgm No More Global Modules - local installation of global modules

node-cubrid This is a Node.js driver for CUBRID RDBMS. It is developed in 100% JavaScript and does not require specific platform compilation.

node-gyp Node.js native addon build tool

node-hashtable This is a simple hashtable, all written in node, to help you access and store your data over multiple workers or modules. It will provide the abstraction to access it through workers (cluster).

node-path Extends module paths with process.mainModule paths

node-pre-gyp Node.js native addon binary install tool

node-rhymebrain node.js interface to rhymebrain

nodedump Outputs variables in a visual, easy to read format based on Adobe ColdFusion's CFDump tag. Think of it as console.log on steroids.

nor A lightweight module pattern library providing mixin inheritance, encapsulation, and pub-sub eventing

npm-artifactory A proxy server that uses Artifactory to store npm modules for seamless integration with java/maven-based workflows

npm-clone Clone a node module, install its dependencies and run its tests

npm-install-missing This module will attempt to reinstall any missing dependencies. It can be called via the command line or used programmatically.

npm-onupdate CLI for service

npm-packages Fetch a user's package count from NPM

npmlint WIP - Lint your npm package

npmlv List module versions in your project in format easy to copy and paste to your package.json.

npmview A simple wrapper to programmatically use NPM to view a module's information.

npool A cross-platform thread pool add-on for Node.js

nuget-count Fetch a user's package count from Nuget

nw-gyp node-webkit native addon build tool

nx-scraper simple selector based scraper

oop-module Node.js library to transform modules into classes

ozjs A microkernel for modular javascript, a toolchain for modern front-end, a micro-framework for growable WebApp

p-js POOF.js optimizer

pac pack your node_modules as *.tgz files for version control and easy deploys

package-deps Examine a package.json's dependencies and find all sub-depdendcies.

package-maker Automatically generate package.json dependencies by crawling requires

packagegitconfig find the git folder for your package and parse the .git/config file into a useful data structure. also adds the github web url for the repo.

packagereadme return the readme as a string for the current package based on closest package.json in the specified or parent directory

packagify Convert a module file to module package

packin a simple package manager

paladin javascript object composition library

parent-require Require modules from parent modules.

pipd A module to run modules in pipe

pkg-builder A build service for modules that actually works

pkghub a package hub for human, based on NPM iteself.

plugin-loader Dynamic plugin discovery and loading for node.js applications

pluse a plugin loader for human, based on NPM iteself

pminpm A Package Manager In Package

pods Tiny managers for module definition and dependency management.

poison Allows tinkering with node's module loading system if you really see no other way.

published-locals 'require' project specific modules/files just like 3rd party ones i.e. no relative paths. Great for project config.

raptor-hot-reload Node module to support reloading Raptor applications based on changes to files

rave Zero-configuration application bootstrap and development.

rave-load-css Adds css stylesheet loading to RaveJS based on file extensions.

rave-load-text Adds text loading to rave.js based on file extensions.

rayliaomodule A module for learning perpose

reason All AMD modules (soon CommonJS) are resolved into one, clean javascript file. This is not a clone of AMDClean. Way of resolving RequireJS modules is pretty much the same, however there are some differences ... will post latter about them.

rebrowser-parse walk the dependency graph to generate json output that can be fed into browser-pack

recursive-loader Load modules recursive and save them in an object.

replacestring Small module to replace characters in a string

require_tree Recursive Package like Module and JSON Loading for Nodejs

require-guard Prevent files and modules being required more than once. Helps with auto-reloaders or test runners that insist.

require-many Require multiple modules at once. Modules can be returned as properties of an object, as an array or iterated over with a callback.

require-modify Modify the source of a required module

require-module Requires a module found relative to given root or working directory.

requirefrom Require from a directory relative to node_modules, flattening your require paths.

requireg Require global modules like a boss

requisite A cosmic javascript bundler.

resolve resolve like require.resolve() on behalf of files asynchronously and synchronously

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