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agenda-express agenda express plugin

amid Another Mongo Internet Driver

amigo AngularJS MongoDB Express NodeJS project generator

angular-bridge Mongoose Express Angular resources bridge

anomaly-detector Data anomaly detector for NodeJS

arboria A fixture loader for mongo (that doesn't

ascoltatori The pub/sub library for node backed by Redis, MongoDB, AMQP (RabbitMQ), ZeroMQ, MQTT (Mosquitto) or just plain node!

auto-crud A simple tool for automatically generating REST APIs with json schemas and mongodb.

backbone-mongo MongoDB storage for BackboneORM

baio-mongo Little helper library for native nodejs mongodb driver

baucis Build scalable REST APIs using the open source tools and standards you already know.

baucis-example An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

bedoon yet another no backend solution using mongodb and nodejs

beyond Event driven back end designed spesificaly for the reach-framework

bonfire Throw your database to the flames.

buffalo Buffalo is a lightweight BSON and Mongo Wire Protocol library for Node.js

cachebox Mongo-driven query cache that supports geospatial lookups

cacheman Small and efficient cache provider for Node.JS with In-memory, Redis and MongoDB engines

cacheman-mongo MongoDB standalone caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

co-easymongo Co-based easymongo

co-monk mongodb generator goodness for co

colibri Colibri makes it easy to create REST resources serving MongoDB collections

common_dwarf_mongoose Mongoose with some synthetic sugar.

comongo mongo coroutinue library for nodejs

congo Congo is a thin wrapper for node-mongodb-native that makes connections and collections a little easier.

connect-mongo MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-mongo-rs MongoDB session store for Connect, with replica set support

connect-mongo-session-store An implementation of connect session store with MongoDB. It also support passport authentication automatically.

connect-mongo-store Connect session mongodb middlware store.

connect-mongolotion MongoDB session store for Connect (SLIPPERIER NOW)

connect-mongoose-model A MongoDb session store which integrates with Mongoose models.

connect-mongoose-session-store An implementation of connect session store with MongoDB and Mongoose ORM. It also support passport authentication automatically.

connect-mongostore MongoDB session store for Connect

connect-to-mongo Mongo session store for Connect

crest REST Server for MongoDB

crudgoose A CRUD generator for mongoose.

csv-transform CSV tranform stream

csv2mongo csv 2 mongo converter

csv2mongo-js Simple node based CLI tool to read a CSV file into mongoDB

cutie Dangerously attractive queues for Redis or MongoDB.

digger-mongo Mongo supplier for digger

dirac Node-PG database layer built with MoSQL

does-index-exist Checks whether an index exists on a MongoDB collection

dumpstr mongodumps directly to s3, does not pass go, does not create dump locally and then upload. streams and pipes all the way.

east-mongo mongodb adapter for "east" (node.js database migration tool)

easymongo Simple interface for the MongoDB API

elasticmongo Elasticsearch Plugin for Mongoose

elmongo Mongoose + Elasticsearch

entangle-mongo Mongo driver for 'entangled' objects

exponential Exponential command line utility

express-io-pubsub Express to pubsub

express-mongoose Adds Mongoose Promise/Query support to Express rendering.

expresser A ready-to-use platform for Node.js web apps, built on top of Express.

expressling Expressling

facebookpages Connect FB pages with NodeJS/PassportJS/ExpressJS

feathers-mongoose-service Easily create a Mongoose Service for Featherjs.

ferret Adorable mongodb library for node.js with modelling support

filter-by-ip-mongo Mongo DB configuration for 'filter-by-ip'

find-and-modify-stream MongoDB find and modify object write stream

fl-mongoose-dbref Plugin support for DBRef in Mongoose

forms-mongoose Generate forms from Mongoose Models

generator-exponential generator - Build better apps faster with less effort

generator-klei A Yeoman generator for generating awesome module or app boilerplates! MEAN-stack (all parts optional) with scalability in mind and with Grunt and Bower sweetness..

generator-mean-seed Yeoman generator for MEAN-seed - AngularJS and node.js responsive/cross-platform/mobile ready app/website

generator-meany Yeoman generator for a MEAN stack

gfs-image Store image via GridFS

grapple Abstracts the creation of Mongoose schemas, encapsulating the creation of inline dynamic schemas, the definition of 'in' and 'out' transformation methods that handle complex nested document references.

gridfs-http-frontend A http forntend for serving files form MongoDB's GridFS

gridfs-locking-stream Writable/Readable Nodejs compatible GridFS streams with locking for safe concurrent access

gridfs-locks Distributed read/write locking based on MongoDB, designed to make GridFS safe for concurrent access

gridfstore gridfs with mongoose

gridjs GridFS that is easy to use and mongojs compliant

grunt-mongo-migrations A helper grunt task to manage Mongoose MongoDB database migrations.

grunt-mongoimport Grunt task for importing data into mongodb

hapi-mongoose-handler Generic handlers for quickly making RESTful APIs from mongoose schemas with hapi

hapi-restify Simple framework to implement a REST Api with HAPI 2.1.x (see for Hapi 1.x compatibility).

humanquery Mongoose query language for humans inspired by Lucene

infinitas distributed scheduling system with flexible persistence

jaydata-mongodb-driver A node.js driver for MongoDB

json-schema-converter A library to help validate JSON Schemas and convert between any other type of schema

jsonquery MongoDB query language implemented as a node.js Stream

klei-mongodef Utilities to handle Mongoose Schema Definitions, to convert to JSON and vice versa

koa-mongo-rest generate REST API with koa and mongo

koa-mongo-session mongo sessions for koa

koa-session-mongo MongoDB storage layer for Koa session middleware

koa-session-mongoose Mongoose storage layer for Koa session middleware

koa-session-store Session middleware for Koa with a pluggable storage layer

kongo Coroutine based mongo driver for Node.js

leaf Object Mapper for MongoDB on Node

log4js-node-mongodb A log4js-node log appender to write logs into MongoDB.

logmongo Simple Logging using MongoDB

madriador Este programa insulta a todos por twitter

maggregate Mongo aggregation builder

magnolia Beautiful MongoDB wrapper using Q

mangos Mangos.js is a simple module to make MongoDB syntax CRUD. It uses and exposes controls straight from MongoDB's Native driver

mangosta Mongoose fixtures library inspired by factory_girl

maogou help noder connect and query mongodb in mognod style, however, promise and uncrurring pattern also supported, joy node!

masterofcoin Store Stripe Webhook events into MongoDB, send Hipchat notifications, and display them using Server-Sent Events.

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