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mean-stack mean stack boilerplate

meaner MEANER - A Modern Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS. Reacharged.

meanie Boilerplate, templates, and loaders for creating a mean-stack web app

mingo JavaScript query library using mongo-esque syntax

minimongo Client-side mongo database with server sync over http

minq fluent queries for mongodb using Promises/A+

mmdb Model-MongoDB

mniam Yet another mongodb facade.

mocha-mongo Set of mongodb testing helpers for mocha

model Datastore-agnostic ORM in JavaScript

modella-mongo Modella Mongo persistence layer

modella-mongowrap A sync layer plugin for modella using mongowrap, specialized for docker based apps

mojo Node.js job queue backed by MongoDB

monastery Light modeling for MongoDB

monconn parse and use mongodb connectionstrings

monge An easy to use library for accessing and working with MongoDB.

mongeo This is a script that generates a mongoDB the location of the IP.

monget a commandline tool to run mongo queries to stdout

mongify mongify your objects.

mongo-auth User authentication and CRUD routines for express.

mongo-col mongoDB collection wrapper

mongo-collection A very lazy way to get a mongo collection with mongoskin

mongo-connect REST API Server for MongoDB

mongo-counter Create an auto incrementing field in mongodb

mongo-cursor-processing Process documents from a mongodb cursor with a constant level of concurrency without having all in memory.

mongo-db-populator It lets to load fixtures for MongoDB on NodeJS. The fixtures can be specified as json files in a folder, or as Javascript objects.

mongo-dump mongo remote dump

mongo-edit Dead simple GUI for editing MongoDB documents

mongo-express-auth authentication with MongoDB and Express

mongo-fast-join Join subdocuments into other mongo documents from other collections

mongo-feed Generic feed-like service that uses mongo and provides a post/recent api

mongo-gyro A lightweight wrapper for MongoDB using promises

mongo-helper A simple CRUD wrapper for the node Mongo connector to aid in rapid application development

mongo-json-schema A schema validator for objects going into mongo

mongo-key-escape Escape mongo keys for periods and dollar signs

mongo-lazy Node-mongodb-native for lazy people. Don't ever open a collection again. Eat a piece of cake while doing parallel queries.

mongo-live Listening to MongoDB live changes using oplog

mongo-loader Loads data from json files into a database and can remove as well, useful for testing and seeding a database"

mongo-make-url Make complex MongoDB URLs from a friendly JSON object

mongo-migrate Migration framework for mongo in node

mongo-oplog Watch mongodb oplog in a simple way

mongo-pg A mongo-like interface for postgres

mongo-queue Node.js job queue backed by MongoDB

mongo-remote-dump mongo-remote-dump

mongo-rest-query-helper Rest url query to mongo criteria.

mongo-scheduler persistent event scheduler using mongo as storage

mongo-sequence Simple sequence generator for node+mongodb

mongo-sess Session storage, utilizing MongoDB.

mongo-session MongoDB session store for Connect

mongo-single Simple way to have a single connection to mongodb in your app by using require

mongo-sql A mongo-like interface for sql generation, postgres-style

mongo-start Simple wrapper to get a mongojs collection

mongo-view {mongo.view} a lightweight node.js tool for managing mongodb databases

mongoc compile mongo queries into javascript functions

mongocon repl for mongoose models

mongoconnect A wrapper for MongoDB's MongoClient to open the connection only once and reopen it only if closed by the server

mongodb A node.js driver for MongoDB

mongodb-collection-dump Dumps a mongodb collection to a stream.

mongodb-expressions MongoDB expressions for fire.js

mongodb-fixtures JSON based fixtures for mongodb

mongodb-fs Mongo DB Fake Server

mongodb-incremental-mapreduce Run incremental map/reduce queries for mongodb more easily

mongodb-migrations A migration framework for MongoDB

mongodb-model MongoDB Model And Validator

mongodb-promise A mongodb-native promise library

mongodb-q Q promise integration for mongodb driver.

mongodb-rest REST API Server for MongoDB

mongodb-shell-extensions Useful MongoDB shell extensions

mongodb-short-id Convert MongoDB id to shorter strings and reverse

mongodb-thesmart Smart's distro of a node.js driver for MongoDB

mongodb4haiku A node.js driver for MongoDB

mongode A thin wrapper around node-mongodb-native with a simpler API

mongofoo Resourceful JSON API for Express+Mongo

mongohooks A thin before/after filter extension for the mongojs node-module

mongoindex Generare ensureIndex statements based on indexes read from a MongoDB database. Use it for copying indexes from one db to another. From production to development/staging for example

mongojs Easy to use module that implements the mongo api

mongojuice Mongo DB command configuration with Redis caching

mongol Light modeling for MongoDB

mongolfier A Simple MySQL to MongoDB Migration Tool

mongolia Layer on top of the mongodb driver to implement data logic.

mongolian Mongolian DeadBeef is an awesome Mongo DB node.js driver

mongolight mongolight a wrapper for mongoskin

mongolike MongoDB Clone on top of Postgres

mongomatch Mongo-like object queries in Javascript

mongomate MongoDB Explorer

mongoose-3x-auth User authentication plugin for mongoose node.js orm

mongoose-3x-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-account-locking Account Locking for mongoose user schema

mongoose-admin automatic admin tool and admin pages for mongoose

mongoose-administration-example An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

mongoose-aliasfield Field alias support for mongoose

mongoose-allocate Plugin for adding padding to Mongoose fields, good for capped collections.

mongoose-cachebox Cache mongoose queries in memory, redis or use your own driver

mongoose-closures Plugin support for closures in Mongoose

mongoose-crypt Plugin support for basic encryption in Mongoose

mongoose-dbref Plugin support for DBRef in Mongoose

mongoose-form-factory-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-fulltext Fulltext search plugin for mongoose odm and mongodb.

mongoose-hookup Mongoose connection management

mongoose-id-autoinc Creating of auto increment id fields

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