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expressimo Even more pleasure with the Express framework

expressling Expressling

ezmongo Easy and light weight interface wrapping the native node.js mongo driver

F Simple middleware

feathers-mongodb Feathers MongoDB service

feathers-mongoose-service Easily create a Mongoose Service for Featherjs.

fenix Api Framework

ferret Adorable mongodb library for node.js with modelling support

filter-by-ip-mongo Mongo DB configuration for 'filter-by-ip'

find-and-modify-stream MongoDB find and modify object write stream

fl-mongoose-dbref Plugin support for DBRef in Mongoose

flare-mongodb A MongoDB transport for Flare.

flatree A tree datastructure implemented in mongodb

flattertree A tree datastructure implemented in mongodb

fortune-mongodb MongoDB adapter for Fortune.

funnel Funnel metrics from various sources into StatsD

generator-angular-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-baboon Yeoman generator for creating Baboon MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, RedisIO, ExpressJS, AngularJS, SocketIO, and NodeJS

generator-dcx Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-exponential generator - Build better apps faster with less effort

generator-intuit-fullstack Yeoman generator for creating IPP integrated MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-mean-seed Yeoman generator for MEAN-seed - AngularJS and node.js responsive/cross-platform/mobile ready app/website

generator-meanstack The MEAN stack generator for Yeoman.

generator-mongoose A mongoose schema generator for Yeoman

generator-ngfs Yeoman generator for creating MEAN stack applications, using MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node

generator-salsa AngularJS salsa for web/mobile apps and browser extensions.

generator-scalatra A Yeoman generator for Scalatra project

generator-sili Yeoman generator - Silver Lining (SiLi) - A single-click-to-get-started - skeleton web app with all you need...

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

glaze The database-agnostic caching layer for Mongoose

gomon MongoDB shell written in Node.js

grapple Abstracts the creation of Mongoose schemas, encapsulating the creation of inline dynamic schemas, the definition of 'in' and 'out' transformation methods that handle complex nested document references.

grider REST uploader for MongoDB's GridFS

gridform Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB GridFS

gridform-uuid Stream formidable uploads into MongoDB GridFS

GridFS GridFS made easy.

gridfs-locking-stream Writable/Readable Nodejs compatible GridFS streams with locking for safe concurrent access

gridfs-locks Distributed read/write locking based on MongoDB, designed to make GridFS safe for concurrent access

gridfs-stream Writable/Readable Nodejs compatible GridFS streams

gridfs-uploader Verifies file, checks hashes, stores it in gridfs and provides a special upload server

grist Embedded document store upward compatible with MongoDB

grist-gnash mongodb style object mutator (derived from TingoDB)

grunt-mongodb-fixtures Load mongodb fixtures for development

grunt-mongoimport Grunt task for importing data into mongodb

hapi-db An environment based NeDB/MongoDB database switcher

hapi-mongodb A simple Hapi MongoDB connection plugin.

hemidrosis The blood sweat of mongoskin

humanquery Mongoose query language for humans inspired by Lucene

infinitas distributed scheduling system with flexible persistence

injection MVC framework to make the use of Express even easier

iridium A custom lightweight ORM for MongoDB designed for power-users

jaydata-mongodb-driver A node.js driver for MongoDB

jmachado full-stack framework for web apps

joeventstore Javascript porting of C# joliver EventStore, an event storage for event sourcing

joinr Joins related documents efficiently with MongoDB and compatible databases

jquery-scroll-on-mongoose A front-end jquery plugin, provide endless scrolling function based on jonas's mongoose-paginator on the back-end. Benefit: avoid usage of cursor.skip in mongodb

jslardo a social CMS. (the project is work in progress, keep in touch)

json2mongo A MongoDB Extended JSON conversion utility which converts Strict Mode syntax to JavaScript Mode

jsonquery MongoDB query language implemented as a node.js Stream

jsonquery-engine level-queryengine plugin to query levelup/leveldb using indexes with the mongodb query syntax (through the jsonquery module)

jsonreststores A module to create full Json REST stores in minutes

kagodb Kago Database Engine

karait A ridiculously simple queuing system, with clients in various languages, built on top of MongoDB.

katar-mongodb MongoDb data adapter for katar

klei-mongodef Utilities to handle Mongoose Schema Definitions, to convert to JSON and vice versa

koa-mongo-rest generate REST API with koa and mongo

koa-session-mongo MongoDB storage layer for Koa session middleware

koa-session-mongoose Mongoose storage layer for Koa session middleware

lazy-image An image compressing/resizing http server

leaf Object Mapper for MongoDB on Node

ledger Event based utility for logging to stdout, file or database.

legs Services for feathers to stand up on

level-capped Capped collections for LevelDB

level-queryengine Search levelup/leveldb instances with pluggable query engines and pluggable indexing schemes.

lg logger class able to use mongodb, the console, a file.

light-orm Super simple ORM node.js wrapper for relational databases. It does not depends on any specific driver, so you can connect to mysql, ms server and so on... Try it!

literate-mongodb MongoDB driver written in literate coffeescript because code is for humans

lockit-mongodb-adapter MongoDB adapter for lockit

locomotive-mongoose Mongoose datastore adapter for Locomotive.

log4js-appender-mongodb An appender into MongoDB for log4js

log4js-node-mongodb A log4js-node log appender to write logs into MongoDB.

login-mongo Simple authentication/users back-end using MongoDB

loopback-connector-mongodb LoopBack MongoDB Connector

lx-mongodb Litixsoft backend driver for mongoDb.

m mongodb version management

magnolia Beautiful MongoDB wrapper using Q

mal MAL MongoDB Access Layer. A MongoDB wrapper using the native-node-driver

mangomodel A simple mongo db model maker

mangos Mangos.js is a simple module to make MongoDB syntax CRUD. It uses and exposes controls straight from MongoDB's Native driver

maogou help noder connect and query mongodb in mognod style, however, promise and uncrurring pattern also supported, joy node!

mapple A Connect middleware that matches request's url with a MongoDB document.

masterofcoin Store Stripe Webhook events into MongoDB, send Hipchat notifications, and display them using Server-Sent Events.

meerkat an extremely thin mongo native driver wrapper that eliminates a surprising amount of boilerplate

members Membership module for credential storage and validation

mig MongoDB migration framework

minimongo Client-side mongo database with server sync over http

minq fluent queries for mongodb using Promises/A+

minq-repl interactive querying for mongodb a la minq

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