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mongodmon Run mongod under a forked forever-monitor

mongodump-s3 Dumps mongodb to aws s3 via mongodump

mongohooks A thin before/after filter extension for the mongojs node-module

mongohq MongoHQ API Client

mongoindex Generare ensureIndex statements based on indexes read from a MongoDB database. Use it for copying indexes from one db to another. From production to development/staging for example

mongoise Promise-like wrapper around default MongoClient

mongojs Easy to use module that implements the mongo api

mongol Light modeling for MongoDB

mongolab-provider Simple MongoDB REST client for

mongolfier A Simple MySQL to MongoDB Migration Tool

mongolia Layer on top of the mongodb driver to implement data logic.

mongolian Mongolian DeadBeef is an awesome Mongo DB node.js driver

mongolike MongoDB Clone on top of Postgres

mongolite Simple and minimal Driver for MongoDB

mongolog Helpers for parsing MongoDB logs

mongomate MongoDB Explorer

mongomodel Model for MongoDB

mongoobject mongoObject ----------- escapes `$` and `.` in object keys so you can store objects in MongoDb.

mongoose Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-3x-auth User authentication plugin for mongoose node.js orm

mongoose-3x-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-account-locking Account Locking for mongoose user schema

mongoose-administration-example An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

mongoose-aliasfield Field alias support for mongoose

mongoose-api Automatic REST API generation using Mongoose and Express

mongoose-behaviors Pluggable behaviors for mongoose schemas.

mongoose-cachebox Cache mongoose queries in memory, redis or use your own driver

mongoose-closures Plugin support for closures in Mongoose

mongoose-connect Easy way to connect to the MongoDB database. Multiple databases.

mongoose-crypt Plugin support for basic encryption in Mongoose

mongoose-dbref Plugin support for DBRef in Mongoose

mongoose-email-address-manager Manage multiple email addresses per user (or other model/doc) with this mongoose schema plugin.

mongoose-eventify Mongoose plugin adding add, remove, and change events for attributes on Model class

mongoose-express-api Flexible automatic API generation for Moongose and Express

mongoose-findbyids Find documents in a MongoDB collection by an array of IDs

mongoose-findorcreate Mongoose plugin that adds findOrCreate

mongoose-flatmatcher Mongoose plugin mapping flat name/value JSON to Mongoose Schemas which may have nesting and embedded arrays

mongoose-form-factory-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-fs Mongoose plugin for large attributes storage in GridFS

mongoose-helpers Mongoose MongoDB ORM helper functions

mongoose-hookup Mongoose connection management

mongoose-id-autoinc Creating of auto increment id fields

mongoose-id-autoinc2 Creating of auto increment id fields

mongoose-id-validator Mongoose plugin to validate that ObjectID references refer to objects that actually exist in the referenced collection

mongoose-joins Plugin support for basic joins in Mongoose

mongoose-json-select a mongoose plugin to limit json fields

mongoose-lifecycle Mongoose plugin adding lifecyle events on the model class

mongoose-materialized Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-memcached Cache mongoose queries in memcached.

mongoose-misc Miscellaneous types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-modeler Mongoose Schema & Model management

mongoose-multi-set Mongoose plugin that allows you to update a model with multiple values at once (while still keeping the schema validation)

mongoose-multitenant Wrapper for Mongoose that allows for easy horizontal multitenancy (collection prefix per tenant)

mongoose-nested-set A mongoose plugin implementing the nested set pattern (aka as trees or hierarchies) for mongoose models

mongoose-notifier Mongoose lifecyle notification system through the redis

mongoose-ownable a mongoose plugin adding owner_id to model instance and findByIdAndOwnerId static methods

mongoose-pages A pagination plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-paginator Mongoose plugin for ranged pagination

mongoose-path-tree Maintaied version of materialized path hierarchy for mongoose with reparent option

mongoose-prefixset Mongoose MongoDB ODM

mongoose-pureautoinc Creating of auto increment fields

mongoose-query mongoose Query lib

mongoose-redis-cache Plugin to cache Mongoose MongoDB query results in Redis

mongoose-relationships Model relationships plugin for Mongoose

mongoose-reparenting-tree Materialized path hierarchy with cascade child re-parenting on delete for mongoose

mongoose-revisionator Add version / revision support Mongoose Models

mongoose-schemagen Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

mongoose-simpletimestamps Simple timestamps for mongoose

mongoose-spatial Plugin support for spatial types in Mongoose

mongoose-stamp Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt, updatedAt, and deletedAt auto-assigned date properties

mongoose-statemachine State machine plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-subkey Mongoose plugin that which adds the concept of a key to sub schema arrays and validates that there is no duplication

mongoose-temporal Plugin support for temporal types in Mongoose

mongoose-text-search MongoDB 2.4 text search support for mongoose

mongoose-times Mongoose plugin to add created and lastUpdated properties to schemas. Date properties are auto-assigned by the plugin, and the key names can be easily customized to match your naming style.

mongoose-timestamp Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt and updatedAt auto-assigned date properties

mongoose-trashable a mongoose plugin adding ablity to model instance to be trashed (soft deleted) / untrashed

mongoose-tree Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-tree-fix Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-tree2 Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-units Unit types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-validate Additional Validation functions for your mongoose schema.

mongoose-watch Mongoose watch documents and querys

mongoose-when jquery style .when(promise, promise) support for mongoose

mongoose.helper API for mongoose scheme

mongopenter MongoDb database and user setup tool

mongoq Use mongoDB like this: require('mongoq')('testdb').collection('users').find(function(err, cursor){});

mongordbms A node.js driver for MongoDB SQL support

mongorepository Generic implementation of the repository pattern for nodejs/mongodb

mongorilla Mongorilla is a simple, clean, and powerful NodeJS based content moderator for MongoDB.

mongorito ODM for MongoDB.

mongoscape Escape MongoDB queries so they can be stored inside MongoDB.

mongosess Session storage, utilizing MongoDB.

mongoskin The future layer above node-mongodb-native

mongoskin-slug A demo to show how to generate and use slugs with mongoskin

mongosmash A JS Harmony MongoDB/NeDB ODM

mongoson Stringifies query objects for pasting into the Mongo shell.

mongosql mongo query to sql

mongostream MongoDB stream.

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