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hapi-restify Simple framework to implement a REST Api with HAPI 2.1.x (see for Hapi 1.x compatibility).

hapigoose hapi plugin for mongoose

hive-model-mongoose A model class that merged mongoose with the hive-model structure

humanquery Mongoose query language for humans inspired by Lucene

hunt High level nodejs framework build on top of expressjs, mongoose, sequilize, socketio and passportjs

hydro-mongoose mongoose integration for hydro

j-forms jewish forms creation from fields or from mongoose models

jab-ref References manager for JAB env

jest JavaScriptational State Transfer. JS restful API layer with Mongoose based resources. Inspired by python Tastypie

jquery-scroll-on-mongoose A front-end jquery plugin, provide endless scrolling function based on jonas's mongoose-paginator on the back-end. Benefit: avoid usage of cursor.skip in mongodb

json-schema-converter A library to help validate JSON Schemas and convert between any other type of schema

jsonselect Filter out JSON field using Mongoose's select syntax.

kabam-plugin-migrate Kabam Database Migration Plugin

keystone Web Application Framework and Admin GUI / Content Management System built on Express.js and Mongoose

klei-mongodef Utilities to handle Mongoose Schema Definitions, to convert to JSON and vice versa

koa-mongo-rest generate REST API with koa and mongo

koa-session-mongoose Mongoose storage layer for Koa session middleware

lbg-mongoose-utils a collection of plugins used in my projects for mongoose

lockit-usermodel usermodel for lockit middleware

locomotive-mongoose Mongoose datastore adapter for Locomotive.

m mongodb version management

maglev Preconfigured simple NodeJS framework

mangosta Mongoose fixtures library inspired by factory_girl

mers *_Mongoose *_Express *_Rest *_Service

mockgoose Mockgoose is an in memory database mock to allow for testing of applications that rely on Mongoose.

modelist Automagically generate Backbone routes from Mongoose models.

mongo-relation Model relationships plugin for Mongoose

mongocon repl for mongoose models

mongoconfig Store your application configuration in MongoDB

mongodb-expressions MongoDB expressions for fire.js

mongodb-uri A parser and formatter for MongoDB URIs.

mongolate A validation middleware for mongoose.

mongoload A small and simple Mongoose model loader/initiator

mongoose-3x-auth User authentication plugin for mongoose node.js orm

mongoose-3x-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-access-gen A little mongoose-plugin for generating array property adders and deleters

mongoose-account-locking Account Locking for mongoose user schema

mongoose-admin automatic admin tool and admin pages for mongoose

mongoose-administration-example An example server that uses baucis to create a REST API

mongoose-aliasfield Field alias support for mongoose

mongoose-allocate Plugin for adding padding to Mongoose fields, good for capped collections.

mongoose-any-index Extra index functionality for mongoose

mongoose-api Automatic REST API generation using Mongoose and Express

mongoose-api-query Given a Mongoose model and an array of URI params, construct a query for use in a search API.

mongoose-attachments Mongoose.js Attachments plugin. Supports ImageMagick styles

mongoose-attachments-aws2js S3 Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments backed by Amazon Web Services node.js module

mongoose-attachments-knox S3 Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments backed by Knox

mongoose-attachments-localfs Simple File System Storage Provider for mongoose-attachments

mongoose-auto-increment This plugin allows you to auto-increment any field on any mongoose schema that you wish.

mongoose-avalidator A mongoose plugin utilizing node-validator.

mongoose-behaviors Pluggable behaviors for mongoose schemas.

mongoose-big-decimal Adds the big decimal type to mongoose

mongoose-cache Caches Database querys the easy way.

mongoose-cachebox Cache mongoose queries in memory, redis or use your own driver

mongoose-closures Plugin support for closures in Mongoose

mongoose-compliant-paranoia A plugin to complay with Rails paranoia plugins so we dont query 'deleted' documents

mongoose-concrete-timestamps Save concrete, non-virtual timestamps to your Mongoose models.

mongoose-connect Easy way to connect to the MongoDB database. Multiple databases.

mongoose-connectionstate a little gateway to mongoose state

mongoose-connector mongoose 2.0 has different syntax for connection to replica sets, this takes care of that

mongoose-construct Adds a 'construct' hook to mongoose models. Similiar to the init hook but called even for new objects, not just objects returned by the database

mongoose-context-ref A mongoose plugin which adds a simple `context` or `parent` like relation between a model's document and variable model parent document

mongoose-convention mongoose fields convention

mongoose-crate Attach files to MongoDB models via Mongoose.js

mongoose-crate-gcs mongoose-crate StorageProvider that uploads files to Google Cloud Services

mongoose-crate-imagemagick Perform imagemagick transformations on image files

mongoose-crate-localfs mongoose-crate StorageProvider that stores files on the local filesystem

mongoose-crate-s3 mongoose-crate StorageProvider that uploads files to Amazon S3

mongoose-createdmodified Mongoose plugin adding created and modified fields to a schema

mongoose-credits Mongoose plugin to manage credits

mongoose-crypt Plugin support for basic encryption in Mongoose

mongoose-currency Adds schema type "currency" to mongoose. Great for converting user input.

mongoose-cursor mongoose-cursor

mongoose-datatable Server side dataTable request support for mongoose

mongoose-dbref Plugin support for DBRef in Mongoose

mongoose-document-utils A Mongoose plugin to track insert/modification and availability of documents

mongoose-double Double support for Mongoose

mongoose-email-address-manager Manage multiple email addresses per user (or other model/doc) with this mongoose schema plugin.

mongoose-emailable Mongoose plugin for email with confirmation and express middleware

mongoose-encrypted Mongoose plugin and schema type for working with encrypted data.

mongoose-error-helper Error helper for mongoose error complex messages. Transform field validators into human readable arrays.

mongoose-evalidator Mongoose plugin for evalidator

mongoose-eventful Mongoose plugin to emit events when documents are created or removed and when fields are changed

mongoose-eventify Mongoose plugin adding add, remove, and change events for attributes on Model class

mongoose-fakery Fixtures replacement and random data generator for mongoose.

mongoose-faucet An easy way to process large document sets with mongoose.

mongoose-file Mongoose plugin adding a file field to a schema - useful for nodejs file uploads

mongoose-filter A filter for mongoose

mongoose-filter-properties filter readable/writeable properties to protect your models

mongoose-find-by-whatever Build find criteria based on input value.

mongoose-findbyids Find documents in a MongoDB collection by an array of IDs

mongoose-findorcreate Mongoose plugin that adds findOrCreate

mongoose-fixture Static Fixture Loader with Mongoose ORM

mongoose-flatmatcher Mongoose plugin mapping flat name/value JSON to Mongoose Schemas which may have nesting and embedded arrays

mongoose-form-factory-types More types for mongoose

mongoose-format A Mongoose plugin that enables you to produce formatted output of your instantiated models.

mongoose-forms Mongoose forms using Handlebars

mongoose-friendly A Mongoose plugin for friendly URLs.

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