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mongoose-friends 2-way friendship relationship plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-fs Mongoose plugin for large attributes storage in GridFS

mongoose-fulltext Fulltext search plugin for mongoose odm and mongodb.

mongoose-function Function storage for Mongoose

mongoose-geojson-schema Schema definitions for GeoJSON types for use with Mongoose JS

mongoose-gravatar Mongoose plugin for generating urls

mongoose-hash Mongoose plugin to generate a random hash

mongoose-hashed-plugin mongoose plugins:hash password fields

mongoose-helpers Mongoose MongoDB ORM helper functions

mongoose-history Keeps a history of all changes of a document.

mongoose-hookup Mongoose connection management

mongoose-i18n Mongoose schema plugin for i18n support.

mongoose-id-autoinc Creating of auto increment id fields

mongoose-id-autoinc2 Creating of auto increment id fields

mongoose-id-validator Mongoose plugin to validate that ObjectID references refer to objects that actually exist in the referenced collection

mongoose-identity-store A bunch of mongoose schemas to implement identity management (users, accesstokens, oauth apps)

mongoose-identity-store-multi-tenant A bunch of mongoose schemas to implement identity management (users, accesstokens, oauth apps)

mongoose-joins Plugin support for basic joins in Mongoose

mongoose-json-select a mongoose plugin to limit json fields

mongoose-jsonform mongoose-jsonform for generate jsonform json-schema directly from mongoose-schema.

mongoose-lifecycle Mongoose plugin adding lifecyle events on the model class

mongoose-likes Mongoose plugin to track likes for an object

mongoose-list List plugin for mongoose that allows pagination, filtering, and sorting.

mongoose-long Long number type for Mongoose

mongoose-materialized Materialized path hierarchy for mongoose

mongoose-memcached Cache mongoose queries in memcached.

mongoose-merge-plugin Merge plugin for mongoose documents

mongoose-middleware Middleware for mongoose that makes filtering, sorting, pagination and projection chainable and simple to apply

mongoose-migrate Abstract migration framework for node

mongoose-migrate-mongohq Abstract migration framework for node

mongoose-minid ShortIt for mongoose in pure javascript.

mongoose-misc Miscellaneous types & plugins for Mongoose

mongoose-mock A replacement for mongoose in tests returning models with sinon stubs for methods

mongoose-model-stub Stub out the database with an in-memory store for tests involving a mongoose module

mongoose-modeler Mongoose Schema & Model management

mongoose-models A extension to mongoose's models

mongoose-moment Adds Moment storage support to Mongoose

mongoose-mstub Lightweight method stub for mongoose models

mongoose-multi-set Mongoose plugin that allows you to update a model with multiple values at once (while still keeping the schema validation)

mongoose-multitenant Wrapper for Mongoose that allows for easy horizontal multitenancy (collection prefix per tenant)

mongoose-nested-set A mongoose plugin implementing the nested set pattern (aka as trees or hierarchies) for mongoose models

mongoose-notifiable Mongoose plugin making a model able to send custom notifications over different transports when custom events occur

mongoose-notifier Mongoose lifecyle notification system through the redis

mongoose-number Provides Mongoose v2 sub-classed Number with atomic increment/decrement support

mongoose-objectpath mongoose Object 字段的增删改查

mongoose-opengraph A mongoose plugin allowing you to easily add properties required by the open graph protocol

mongoose-ownable a mongoose plugin adding owner_id to model instance and findByIdAndOwnerId static methods

mongoose-pager Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-pages A pagination plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-paginate Mongoose ORM (NodeJS/MongoDB) Document Query Pagination

mongoose-pagination Mongoose Query Pagination

mongoose-paginator Mongoose plugin for ranged pagination

mongoose-password Mongoose plugin adding a bcrypt password field to a model

mongoose-password-pbkdf2 Mongoose plugin for creating passwords with pbkdf2

mongoose-path-tree Maintaied version of materialized path hierarchy for mongoose with reparent option

mongoose-plugins mongoose plugins:CRUD,auth helpers

mongoose-plugins-accessible-by A mongoose plugin that adds role based security information to a schema

mongoose-plugins-delete-paranoid Adds paranoid deletion to a mongoose schema

mongoose-plugins-tags-simple Adds a simple tag field to a mongoose schema

mongoose-post-find Post find and findOne hooks for mongoose

mongoose-prime Prime a mongoose model with default data

mongoose-pureautoinc Creating of auto increment fields

mongoose-pusher Mongoose plugin to allow a "pusher" function which acts like setter for arrays.

mongoose-query mongoose Query lib

mongoose-query-paginate Mongoose Query paginate.

mongoose-querystream-worker Execute an async function per document in a streamed query, pausing the stream when a concurrency limit is saturated

mongoose-random Randomly select a document from a collection

mongoose-rbac Role-based access control for mongoose apps.

mongoose-redis-cache Plugin to cache Mongoose MongoDB query results in Redis

mongoose-ref-promises A mongoose plugin which adds promise-based population virtual properties to your Models

mongoose-reference-count Mongoose plugin for counting references to particular objects in collection

mongoose-regexp Adds RegExp storage support to Mongoose

mongoose-relationship mongoose plugin to create maintain one-many and many-many bidirectional relationships between two schemas

mongoose-relationships Model relationships plugin for Mongoose

mongoose-reparenting-tree Materialized path hierarchy with cascade child re-parenting on delete for mongoose

mongoose-resource Restful API layer with Mongoose based resources. Inspired by python Tastypie

mongoose-rest-endpoints Easy REST endpoint creation for Mongoose documents with Express

mongoose-rest-helper A bunch of helpers used to simplify rest development.

mongoose-rest-ready A plugin for mongoosejs to turn documents into REST API ready responses

mongoose-revisionator Add version / revision support Mongoose Models

mongoose-schedule A Kue Job to schedule a method to be called on some mongoose document or model, depending on whether a document id is passed.

mongoose-schema-extend mongoose schema inheritance and discriminator key extension

mongoose-schema-formatdate mongoose formatdate schema

mongoose-schema-lastmodifiedfields mongoose schema plugin to create last modified fields for each field and update them automatically

mongoose-schema-model Validation and formatting, converting MongooseDB schema definitions to be used in any environment

mongoose-schemagen Exceptionally featureful RESTful web services middleware for Connect.

mongoose-search-plugin mongoose full-text search plugin

mongoose-shortid Short Ids for mongoose

mongoose-shortkey Plugin to allow Mongoose models to automatically create a short key as an alternative to using the id field

mongoose-simple-fixtures Simple default data for mongoose models

mongoose-simpledb Simple API for defining mongoose dbmodels and loading them into a single object for easy access.

mongoose-simpletimestamps Simple timestamps for mongoose

mongoose-slug a simple mongoose plugin that populates `.slug` when the given `prop` is set.

mongoose-slug-unique a simple mongoose plugin that populates a Mongoose Schema with `.slug` wich is unique, from one or more existing properties, when the given `prop` is set.

mongoose-softdelete Mongoose plugin that enables soft deletion of Models/Documents.

mongoose-spatial Plugin support for spatial types in Mongoose

mongoose-stamp Mongoose plugin that adds createdAt, updatedAt, and deletedAt auto-assigned date properties

mongoose-statemachine State machine plugin for Mongoose ODM

mongoose-stripe-customer A Mongoose plugin to handle and validate stripe customers and their subscription plans

mongoose-subkey Mongoose plugin that which adds the concept of a key to sub schema arrays and validates that there is no duplication

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