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roque-nagios Nagios plugin to monitor Roque queues

siempre Dashboard for forever

site-monitor Website monitor

situation Conveniently write status updates to a stream.

skyfall A socket API for monitoring servers

smarta Smarta sensor for nodeJS

srv Helps you run multiple instances of your service, provides graceful, zero downtime restart on signals, and handles errors. Does not require a seperate command line tool, nor does it daemonise your process, for better integration into other process monitors such as upstart.

start-stop-daemon Easily transform a JS script into a start-stop-daemon script

stats-api A module for collecting internal application/library performance statistics

stew Simple performance monitor middleware

svh Simple (file) server for html-javascript web client app development

svnmonitor A simple command-line wrapper for getting log info from a Subversion repo

syslog-console Syslog+Console will output messages to console and local udp:514, by replacing the console object

tadaa Monitor stuff via the medium of sound.

tadaa-elb Monitor AWS Elastic Load Balancers via the medium of sound

tadaa-example Example plugin for tadaa, the audio monitoring module.

tadaa-go A [Tadaa]( plugin for [Go]( continuous delivery servers.

tadaa-pivotaltracker Pivotal Tracker plugin for tadaa, the audio monitoring module.

tadaa-runner Monitor stuff via the medium of sound.

tadaa-zendesk Zendesk plugin for tadaa, the audio monitoring module.

term-dashboard A terminal dashboard for monitoring concurrent jobs

timelock Lock resources with a timeout

updown Monitor service with user interface

uri-monitor Monitor a URI's connectivity

visor Lightweight and extensible program monitoring for node

visor-file A file transport for visor on node

visor-http An http transport for visor on node

visor-socketio A transport for visor on node

vitals Vitals is a module that will collect health statistics for process ids past to it, currently collections cpu time, memory usage and uptime.

vitalsigns Powerful and customizable application health monitoring

wach Run a command when a file add/update event occurs

watch_dir Watch for file changes in specific directory

watchmon Simple file monitor script for restarting your development node.js server

webpage-preview Takes a URL to a page and renders preview images of different sizes using the PhantomJS rendering engine

wwdc Alerts you when this years' WWDC tickets go on sale!

zapp http server with live reloading, templates, markdown, and scss

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