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apptime Uptime monitoring linked to a mailer

arrowbreaker-sup An Express.js application that pings your urls and warns you about HTTP status code changes by email

aws4 Signs and prepares requests using AWS Signature Version 4

babelweb Web-based monitoring tool for the Babel routing protocol

big-button-factory Monitor-Min Demo App

bitcoin-explorer A block explorer clone built using BitcoinJS

blurt A handy little tool for sending and receiving fire-and-forget UDP packets with JSON/BSON payloads.

boomcatch Standalone beacon server for boomerang.

browser-perf Measure browser performance metrics

check_couchdb Nagios checker for couchdb

circonusapi2 Tiny library for interacting with Circonus' API v2

cluster-service Turns your single process code into a fault-resilient multi-process service with built-in REST & CLI support

comet-agent Server monitoring helper

concurix-monitor Concurix monitoring agent

connect-alive Connect (Node.js) middlware for checking if app is alive or not - optionally via custom condition(s).

connect-pinba Pinba middleware for Connect

corgi Modern system and service monitoring built on node.

crossmon-server Graphical monitoring service

curator A flexible process monitoring and management framework.

cxnode A tool for invoking your app instrumented by concurix-monitor.

dbmon Database and Filesystem Monitor Utilities for Real Time Apps

express-rate Rate monitoring and limiting for express.js apps.

express-statsd Statsd route monitoring middleware for connect/express

fam.js fam/gamin bindings for node

flat-pm2-interface Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

gelfr Node package to receive GELF events

go-mon Simple monitor script for use during development of a golang app.

gold Management and monitoring UI for apps built with Lighter

graphdat-plugin-tools Provides helper functions for Graphdat plugin authors. Should be require'd in all plugins written in NodeJS.

graphdat-relay Hosts one or more Graphdat Plugins

health-server a standalone http health check endpoint

hubot-pubsub PubSub notification system for Hubot

hubot-thruk Queries Thruk for informations about Nagios status

infantry Node.js application monitoring for an army of nodes Realtime log monitoring in your browser Real-time log monitoring in your browser Realtime log monitoring in your browser

loggr Loggr agent for Nodejs

look Performance profiler based on nodetime

module-stats Usage statistics for Node.js modules.

mongroup process monitor via mon(1)

moni Process monitoring with node.

monitor-dashboard Dashboard UI for node monitor

nac node app control and monitoring daemon based on config files (somewhat similar to procfiles)

nervous a simple plug-in based monitoring system

nervous_plugin_filesystem_usage a simple filesystem usage (% full) plugin for Nervous

nervous_plugin_memcached a simple memcached stats plugin for Nervous

nervous_plugin_munin munin plugin for Nervous

nervous_plugin_solr a simple solr stats plugin for Nervous

net-ping Ping and trace route to many hosts at once.

net-snmp JavaScript implementation of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

newrelic New Relic agent

nm-request Request url and output result

noard A very simple dashboard for monitoring everything.

node-monitor Node.js server monitor module

node-resource-monitor Monitoring system resources that consumed by a nodejs app

node-uptime Remote monitoring for HTTP applications

node.js-monitoring Node.js server monitor module

nodefly Application Performance Monitoring Agent

nodetime Performance Profiler and Monitor

nodios An IT infrastructure monitoring tool.

opbeat A standalone (Node.js) client for Opbeat

phantomas PhantomJS-based web performance metrics collector

pinba Pinba for Node.js

pm2 Modern CLI process manager for Node apps with a builtin load-balancer

pm2-interface Interact with pm2 via RPC and receive real time notifications

prey They can run but they can't hide.

Probes.js A simple Node.js module to get server performance statistics

ravenwall Node.js library to integrate with the Ravenwall monitoring service.

redis-monitor Monitor all your Redis

remonit-cli command line tool to use with Remonit dashboards

response-system plugable response system meant to work with Nervous and graphite

riemann-util Provides utilities and abstractions over node.js client

rounderdb A low-I/O, fixed size, round robin db with in-mem support. Store in RAM and sync periodically to disk.

sd-plugin-sample Sample plugin for status dashboard

sd-socketio-plugin Socket.IO plugin for status dashboard

server-tracker track performance, and other information from servers, write the data into mongodb, and hand it out to clients for visualization

sidekick Realtime site tools

snmp-native A native Javascript SNMP implementation for Node.js

sprobe Server monitoring tool.

srvc Micro-services framework

stat-collector Request and response stat collection middleware for Express.js and Circonus monitoring

stats-api A module for collecting internal application/library performance statistics

statusdashboard-client A statusdashboard client

statware Status aggregation suite with middle-ware like abilities. Used by the Ravenwall agent.

strong-agent Application Performance Monitoring Agent

super-grass A node.js monitoring tool supporting apis, redis, mongodb and rabbitmq.

supervizer NodeJS process management

svstat a node.js wrapper for daemontools svstat

systemapp A sleek and smart infrastructure mapping and monitoring tool by Zalando.

traffic-light A status traffic light for monitoring your site

upbeat Fast health and performance monitoring with process handling

upbeat-dashboard ERROR: No file found!

upbeat-server Server for running upbeat.

version-healthcheck A plug-and-play /version route for the Node.js Express framework.

vnstat-dumpdb Wrapper for vnStat --dumpdb, with error handling and the same output structure on each system

vnstat.js A simple Web interface to display statistics extracted from an existing VnStat database

webtouch Validate that a web site and all its required resources are available.

zabbix-agent-client client for zabbix-agent communication

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