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Company Company is an implicitly-mediated component system for MooTools that helps in developing modular, component-based applications.

elements-website Microsite for elements

epik Epik (aka, Epitome 2), a micro MVP framework

epitome Epitome, an MVP framework built on top of MooTools

grunt-init-mootools Grunt plugin to generate Mootools plugin stub.

grunt-mootools-packager Grunt task for MooTools Packager projects.

mootools MooTools 1.4.5 Server library

mootools-microsite Microsites for MooTools Projects like prime

mootools-more MooTools More (Builder Hash: 82304b6c3ba35c9988250e5fc67479a2)

mootools.js MooTools latest server library as npm package for node.js

Neuro A MVC written with MooTools.

neuro-sync An extension of Neuro to provide a "sync" component.

slicker The Slick CSS selector parser, just the parser for nodejs / amd / browser as a simple export

stik-dom-lib-loader.js Automatic injection of the most popular DOM libraries for Stik.js

titon-toolkit A collection of extensible front-end UI components for the responsive and mobile web.

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