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appchef Mozilla AppMaker command-line tool.

ast-match Match AST nodes using JSON Schema.

ast-types Esprima-compatible implementation of the Mozilla JS Parser API

browserid-verify Verify BrowserID assertions.

cubeb This is a node.js native binding module to the cross-platform audio library [cubeb](

docpad-plugin-persona DocPad plugin implementing express-persona

express-persona Mozilla Persona authentication for your Express application

firefox-get grab firefox package URLs

flatiron-persona Flatiron plugin for user authentication with Mozilla Persona

foxdriver [![Build Status](](

grasp-syntax-javascript grasp query engines common parts

heritage Inheritance helpers from Mozilla's Add-on SDK

jetpack-id Creates an ID from a Firefox Jetpack manifest

marionette-apps A node library that manages Firefox OS applications through Marionette.

marionette-firefox-host marionette-firefox-host =======================

marionette-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-js-helper marionette-helper =================

marionette-plugin-forms A plugin for manipulating form fields

marionette-settings-api A node library that provides access to MozSettings through Marionette.

mdn CLI for easily opening JavaScript documentation on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) in your browser

mocha-tbpl-reporter Mocha reporter for TBPL (tinderboxpushlog)

mozilla-detect-os Detect the correct OS for your mozilla product

mozilla-get-url Utility to get the url of a particular version/release of a mozilla product (like firefox/b2g)

mozilla-treeherder Treeherder client for mozilla's test reporting UI

mozilla-version-comparator The mozilla-version-comparator is a javascript implementation of the versioning policy used in mozilla softwares. See for explanation

mupee Mupee is a proxy between the update servers and your corporate Mozilla software.

persona-id mozilla persona single sign-on without frameworks

webmaker-loginapi Mozilla Webmaker SSO helper & integration module

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