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benjamin bitcoin trading for the rest of us

goxstream A node.js readable stream for mtgox. Uses raw websocket!

goxtick Simple EventEmitter MtGox ticker. Emits ticker and depth events.

hail Common interface to virtual currency exchanges

lamassu-mtgox Lamassu Mt Gox ticker and trader module

mtgox node.js access to the mtgox api

mtgox-apiv2 API v2 client for node.js

mtgox-currency Helper functions to process amount values sent by the MtGox API

mtgox-data Access the MtGox public data APIs.

mtgox-http-client HTTP client for MtGox's API

mtgox-mock 'Mock MtGox HTTP and SocketIO Server'

mtgox-orderbook Streaming Mt.Gox API over websocket or pubnub.

mtgox-socket-client A client for MtGox

mtgox-streaming-bot Bot that acts on every message from MtGox API

mtgox-websocket-client A websocket client for MtGox

mtgoxapi A Node.js client for MtGox's HTTP API v2.

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