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astar A*Star pathfinding for NodeJS game servers.

basis Game server for dotproduct

chilly A platform for multiplayer HTML5 games

emblem-js Server / Client library for HTML5 wealtime multiplayer games.

fire-engine 2d top-down adventure client-server multiplayer game engine A simple, lightweight, HTML multiplayer game server (and client) for Node.js

ism Turn-based multiplayer nation building strategy game

maga mAKE a gaME is a node.js framework for multiplayer games

n3d-gamecore 3D multiplayer core functionality game engine component.

node-pathfinding a Node.JS implementation for AStar path finding algorithm. This implementation uses primitive data types (Number and Byte/Buffer) to present location and block data that significantly improve the speed and have a good control on memory consumption

peerjs-lobby a lobby system for peer to peer apps

sensitive Sensitive is an experimental node.js module that enables you to read the sensors of multiple phones at the time and create real-time multiplayer experiences on a "host" browser.

simon-says-game Simon Says game for the Novation Launchpad.

tycho A real-time multiplayer game framework for node.js

wasabi A realtime game networking or general-purpose replication library using binary transports.

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