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demux Combine a bunch of streams into one

mux Multiplex streams

plexy Create multiple duplex object streams that read and write through a single text stream.

port-mux Multiplex multiple services through one (TCP) port.

primus-multiplex Simple multiplexing for Primus

shux streaming shell multiplexer

stream-mux-demux Multiplex-demultiplex object streams over object stream

substream Volatile namespaces for Primus

suckle Stream multiplexer, with callback ability

Suckle Stream multiplexer, with callback ability

websocket-multiplex WebSocket-multiplex is a thin library on top of SockJS that allows you to do multiplexing of many virtual WebSockets connection over a single physical one.

websocket-multiplexer Multiple virtual channels over a web socket / SockJS connection

ws-multi-proxy Many to many WebSocket proxy server with pluggable routing logic. e.g. Take a bunch of existing WebSocket servers that only accept a single client connection and allow it to be used with multiple clients at once.

yamux Yet another stream multiplexer

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