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sonos Node.js Sonos Interface

soundcloud-badge A SoundCloud 'now-playing' badge that you can just drop into browserify demos

soundcontrol Control and manage desktop audio players in Mac OSX

soundify stream tracks to devices from multiple sources

speaker Output PCM audio data to the speakers

spotify A Spotify API library for node.js

spotify-metadata-search A Node.js module for using the Spotify Metadata Search API

still-alive the "still alive" song from portal

supercolliderjs Tools for communicating with the SuperCollider music language environment

teoria Music theory for JavaScript

tinysong An API library for

tinysong-api Nodejs tinysong implementation, normalization, and extension. Adds AlbumCover images as well.

tio console player

tomahawkjs Implementation of the JS plugins API from Tomahawk for NodeJS

tomahk Node.JS binding to interact with

trakker Convert tracklists to a list of objects

tune Tune up baudio

tuner play a roster of internet radio stations

voicebox-karaoke voicebox api

waaclock A comprehensive event scheduling tool for Web Audio API.

web-audio-api Node.js implementation of Web audio API

webapp-node ui proxy for music webapp of baidu inc

whatcd What.CD JSON API library

whoa Command line youtube music queue.

youtube-best-video Find the best video for a given song name.

youtubemanager YouTube player which mimics SoundManager2 Sound object

youtubemanager2 YouTube player which mimics SoundManager2 Sound object

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