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moodle Model module for node for use with both mongodb and mysql.

moose A node orm

mtfe_orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

music2sql Module for reading metadata from audio files and storing it into a SQL database

my-json Using MySQL databases as JSON stores

mybatisnodejs MyBatisNodeJs is a port from the The MyBatis Java data mapper framework for Node.Js.

myorm Object-relational mapper (for MySQL at this time)

mysql_minionpool A mysql minionpool, suitable to work on rows

mysql-api 'MySQL' client for Nodejs

mysql-bindings-benchmarks Node.js MySQL bindings benchmarks

mysql-cluster A simple wrapper to the main mysql driver with easy support of mysql master/slave server setup

mysql-co mysql2 wrappers for co

mysql-crud A mysql CRUD file to use with mysql package

mysql-dynamo A solution to use the `simple-dynamo` interface with a MySQL database. So you can create a offline version of a AWS-DynamoDB project.

mysql-dynamo-pump Pump data from a mysql databse to aws dynamo db.

mysql-ext Extension to mysql module abstracting some common SQL queries

mysql-factory ORM solution for mysql. Has been poirted form an internal project to open-source by updateing to the newest node-mysql version.

mysql-getter Very simple resource pooling for MySQL connections

mysql-intermediate-type Convert mysql column type to intermediate type used by mongoose and backbone

mysql-libmysqlclient Binary MySQL bindings for Node.JS

mysql-migrate Simple database migration system for mysql.

mysql-model A backbone based model for communicating with a MySQL database using felixge/node-mysql.

mysql-native MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-native-pre MySql protocol client for Node.Js

mysql-perf MySQL performance tester using MariaDB driver

mysql-pg-proxy mysql to postgres proxy server

mysql-pool-cluster A small convience layer above node-mysql's PoolCluster

mysql-promise Small wrapper for mysql that use promises.

mysql-querybuilder Query builder for MySQL. Not ready to use.

mysql-queue-pool Database connection pooling and query queueing.

mysql-queues Wraps 'mysql' to provide mulitple query queues, allowing support for multiple statements and transactions.

mysql-schema mysql queries helper

mysql-session-store A session store for connect/express that uses the db-mysql package

mysql-shard mysql shard

mysql-simple Provides connection pooling and a simplified interface on top of node-mysql and generic-pool.

mysql-simple-pool Simple connection pooling for Node and MySQL.

mysql-slowlog Application level slow log for mysql connections. Good for debugging slow queries when you haven't turned on or have access to the database slow log.

mysql-store The mysql-store is an NodeJS implementation of the object store interface for MySQL, providing access to MySQL databases for [Persevere](, any other consumer that uses the object store interface (Dojo also uses this interface), and for direct interaction. This store supports RQL for convenient web-based querying.

mysql-stream-db Streaming MySQL ORM

mysql-transactions Use SQL transactions with node-mysql

mysql-utilities Utilities for node-mysql driver with specialized result types, introspection and other helpful functionality.

mysql-validator MySql data type validation.

mysql-warp Simple ORM for MySQL on Node.js

mysql-wrapper Mysql-wrapper is a wrapper of node-mysql to improve fault tolerance, including enhanced query generator and data escaping powered by typo template engine

mysql2 fast mysql driver. Implements core protocol, prepared statements, ssl and compression in native JS

mysql2-openshift Provides a connection to database based on openshift environment variables if there

mysqladmin MySQL Administration like phpmyadmin

mysqlhelper A class simplifying the usage of the fantastic Mysql Library created by felixge

mysqlinfo Access mysqladmin and extract data as Object

mysqlite.js sqlite server talking mysql protocol

mysqlp Mysql wrapper with promises

mysqlpool Mysql Pool client for node-mysql

mysqlutil A nice, simple, node-mysql wrapper

mysquel SQL query string builder for the mysql database (builds upon squel:

ndbc A wrapper for MySQL, MongoDB, Redis and Memcache

noblerecord Asynchronous NodeJS ORM library inspired by Rails

noboxout-orm Noboxout ORM (object relational mapper) with MYSQL backend

node-data Repository abstraction for Node.js

node-dbi A Database abstraction layer for Node.js, bundled with several DB engines adapters

node-handlersocket HandlerSocket client for Node.js

node-mysql-pooled offers a pool for node-mysql module

node-mysql-transaction transactions wrapper for node-mysql 2.0 driver

nodedbadmin nodeDBAdmin - mysql and mongodb (and other databases in future) database administration software

nodify-mysql Dirt simple DAO for mysql.

nodify-persist Persistence module for mysql & mongo.

nor-db Generic Database Library for Node.js

nor-extend Extends Q promises with custom methods from another object

obj2skv Convert an object to simple key value pairs and back

openrecord Active record like ORM for nodejs

orm NodeJS Object-relational mapping

orm-2.1.3 NodeJS Object-relational mapping

orm-mysql-fts ORM MySQL Full-Text Search support

oursql MySql ORM module for Node.JS

patio Patio query engine and ORM

persist Node.js ORM framework supporting various relational databases

pilmee-mysql Library to manage mysql, using the mysql module, shortens the programming necessary to provide greater ease so the developer. Power by @pilmee

postgrator Postgrator is a SQL migration tool for SQL people

protolus-data A multi source ORM supporting normalized queries across many instances of datasources

qbuilder Query builder for mysql

qeeper SQL query keeper for Node.js

query-sql Mysql query builder

queryize A no-frills chainable/fluent interface for constructing mutable MySQL queries with data binding/escapement.

rdbql Cross compatible SQL query builder for node

relatable A lightweight JSON to relational mapping library that loves SQL and the relational data model.

roads-models A Node.js model system for mysql and redis

rooms.db JavaScript Node.JS module for creating rooms and streaming data between front-end and back-end

sails-mysql MySQL adapter for Sails.js

seneca-mysql MySQL database layer for Seneca framework

seneca-mysql-store MySQL database layer for Seneca framework

sense-sql-engine SQL engine for Sense supporting Redshift, Postgres, MySql, and SQLite.

SenseOrm ORM for every database: mongodb, mysql, redis

sequel A Database Modeler for Node; designed to help you produce easy-to-read, maintainable code. Works with MySQL and SQLite.

sequelize Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS

sequelize-auto Automatically generate bare sequelize models from your database.

sequelize-client sequelize-client ================

sequelize-migrator Migrate SequelizeJS migrations without SequelizeMeta table dependency and depdency management.

sequelize-native-mysql Multi dialect ORM for Node.JS

sequelize-rest REST API automation for Sequelize

sequenice A nice model wrapper for `sequelize`

serious-sql Library that provides a cool way of interacting with existing MySQL databases. Use your own conventions, and it will automagically figure out associations. It has efficient recursive prefetching, as well as table aliases, chainable interfaces and other features.

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