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check_couchdb Nagios checker for couchdb

corgi Modern system and service monitoring built on node.

dnscache dnscache for Node

funnel Funnel metrics from various sources into StatsD

grunt-nagios Nagios grunt module to interact with cmd.cgi interface

hubot-thruk Queries Thruk for informations about Nagios status

mod_status mod_status for Node

mod_statuspage mod_statuspage for Node

nagiohdear Nagios config file parser and generator

nagios-jsoneval Abitrary JSON Query/Evaluation (Nagios Plugin)

nagios-plugin Facilitates writing Nagios plugins

nagioscfg2json Parser Nagios configuration file (cfg) to json format

node-ndoutils Data Structure Wrapper for Nagios ndoutils, Uses mysql node driver as its dependency

nogql An api interface for adding new hosts to nagios.

roque-nagios Nagios plugin to monitor Roque queues

systemapp A sleek and smart infrastructure mapping and monitoring tool by Zalando.

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