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animal-id an generator for easily recognizable ids

bower-name Check whether a package name is available on bower

chance Chance - Utility library to generate anything random

cluster-vhost virtual host setup made easy

dnc A tool to check domain names configuration and statistics

domain-name-parser Parse domain name into tld, sld, domain, domainName, host

female Utility to provide female forename.

fileswap-stream Write to a writable file-stream that swaps out it's underlying file resources according to swapper and namer functions

fn-name Get the name of a named function

fullname Get the fullname of the current user

fullname-native Get the fullname of the current user

function-name Set the "name" property of `function` objects

get-parameter-names Retrieves parameter names from a function

giripackage my age program

git-user-name Get the name of the current user from git config, at the project or global scope, depending on what git uses in the current context.

grunt-timestamp Add timestamp to avoid the cache. (.js/.css files)

hash-file Create a hashed file name

hashpool a fixed-size hash pool

hello-test a test

identifier generate random javascript identifiers

interface-name Returns the interface name for an IP address

kvs-segmentname segments the name to a degree transparently

lexical-scope detect global and local lexical identifiers from javascript source code

male Utility to provide male forename.

milanpackage myprogram

name private name objects shim

namebot A node.js module for generating usernames based on a specified corpus.

namecheck Namecheck npm like a pro.

nameof Improved typeof using an object's name

names Generate random names.

ncname Regular expression for matching XML NCName

ndlna Resolve names through the National Diet Library's Name Authority.

netbios-name Utility code for working with NetBIOS names.

netbios-name-service NetBIOS name service implementation written in Javascript.

node-eden A node.js name generator

node-name Basic utility methods for transforming and handling file paths.

npm-name Check whether a package name is available on npm

paypal-masspayments-node Making payments with MassPayment NVP

phonetic Generates unique, pronounceable names, random and seedable

phony A fake data generator.

pkg-name Check whether a package name is available on npm and bower

pkgname Check if a npm package name is available, or suggest some which is available

private-name Simple shim for Private Names

random-word-generator Generate random, but pronouncable words

realtor Check to see username availability across different websites.

sanitize-filename Sanitize string for use as filename

seeq Search or detect name on some resource (GitHub, NPM, Component, Bower, Jam, ...)

siapa A simple script for parsing malay names.

sillyname A silly random name generator

surname Utility to provide surname.

tag window/tab titles for

titlegen Generate plausible titles from a list of example titles.

uname SUSv3 uname binding

username Get the username of the current user

validate-element-name Validate the name of a custom element

variable-name Generate a variable name from given string

whosit A personal name parser for Node.js:

xml-char-classes Regular expressions for matching against the XML Character Classes

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