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ak-eventemitter eventemitter with namespaces

appspine node.js application namespace base class

basespace Functions to create namespaces inside objects

beyo-events Advanced event emitter

class4js The class4js module is for class-driven development in JavaScript. It allows to emulate classes in JavaScript. Module is based on ECMAScript 5 standart and implements open/close principle: 'A module should be open for extension but closed for modifications'

coffee-toaster Minimalist build system for CoffeeScript.

coffee-toaster-api Minimalist build system for CoffeeScript based ExtendScripts.

defuse A poor man's module namespacing solution for the browser

dotsplit.js Transform dot (`.`) delimited strings to array of strings for Node.js and the browser.

easy-require Wrapper around require that supports paths from the application root and requiring directories as namespaces

fusion Merge Files into Javascript Namespace

globalise Making node more like say PHP :)

grab-bag Easily loads and stores system resources

grunt-coffee-toaster Grunt for CoffeeScript Toaster.

grunt-coffee-toaster-api Grunt for Coffee Toaster Api.

hub-namespace Namespaces for hub.js

jsymfony-autoload Namespaced autoloading system

jtypes Scalable class-based JavaScript.

lambda Lambda dynamic loader

level-path sensible key / range generator for levelup

libxml-to-js XML to JavaScript object parser based on libxmljs

local-store A localStorage based store with name spacing

module-js Module system for JavaScript. Class, namespace, dependency injection support. RequireJS and CommonJS integration

namespace Library for defining namespaced properties.

namespace-css Namespaces all rules found in a CSS file to make them only apply to a subset of the page.

namespacejs this library provide namespace. it is all. very simple!

nervenet A nerve net help every parts of project work together

node-simple-memory-cache A very simple memory cache for objects, with namespaces and auto timeouts

nsconf A simple config container allowing setting values for "namespaces" - dot separated property names. E.g set('', {}) will make { foo: { bar: { baz: {} } } }

nsdeclare Safely declare a namespace using dot notation

nspoint Split a duplex object stream intro multiply duplex streams

railstyle-router Rails-like routing for Express 3.x

redis-keyshape Easily, consistently, clearly access redis keys.

redis-ns This module enables you to create Redis namespaces.

refix Namespacing redis client proxy

restify-namespace Namespace your restify routes

rework-namespace Namespace plugin for rework

rework-namespace-css Plugin for rework that namespaces CSS with selectors and class prefixes.

store2 Better localStorage

substream Volatile namespaces for Primus

symphony-namespace A simple namespace module for the symphony project

using A namespace solution

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