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caminte ORM for every database: redis, mysql, neo4j, mongodb, rethinkdb, postgres, sqlite, tingodb

caminte-generator RestFul application generator based on CaminteJS ORM

chair Subjective CouchDB client that wraps nano

cloudq Cloud Message Queue Server (using CouchDb) NewRelic enabled

co-nano Exposes couchdb nano library API as thunks for use with co and koa.

co-nano-db Exposes couchdb nano library db APIs as thunks for use with co and koa.

connect-nano Provide req.nano, passing session cookies to CouchDB and back again.

couchdb-seed-design Seed CouchDB's design documents with nano

crafity-storage Generic storage provider. Single interface or abstraction for different databases.

futon command line futon

nano minimalistic couchdb driver for node.js

si-prefix SI and IEC compatible numeric formatter

unanimity Making backbone.js and nano seamlessly work together!

xcouch couch [x] lightweight

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