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ao-mesher Voxel ambient occlusion mesher

ao-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

apply-colormap Applies a colormap to an ndarray

continuous-box2d Generate a bunch of box2d bodies to match a grid backed by ndarray-continuous

continuous-observer Automatically add and remove chunks from continuous ndarrays as required.

continuous-storage Store a continuous ndarray in a level.js/levelup database

contour-2d Extracts the boundary of a binary 2D image

cwise Component-wise map/reduce for ndarrays

cwise-compiler cwise's internal compiler

cwise-parser Parser for cwise

dtype Return a data type from a string representing the type

dup Initialize an array of arrays to a constant

flood-fill A simple 2D flood fill for use with ndarrays

flood-scan Marks out disconnected "rooms" in a 2D ndarray for procedural map generation.

frequency-viewer plot frequencies in the browser from raw data

get-pixels Reads the pixels of an image as an ndarray

gl-texture2d WebGL texture wrapper

gl-tile-map Creates a mip mapped texture atlas from a list of tiles and uploads it to WebGL

graycolorize replace grayscale with color from a colormap

greedy-mesher Greedy mesh compiler

heightmap-mesher A naive heightmap mesher that takes a 2D ndarray and returns a 3D mesh

image-rotate Rotates a 2D ndarray

isndarray Returns boolean whether the argument is a ndarray

lena The Lena test image

luminance Convert RGB to grayscale

minimal-bit-array Minimal bit array implementation that is compatible with ndarrays

ndarray Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-bit ndarrays of bits

ndarray-canvas Render an ndarray to a canvas

ndarray-complex Complex arithmetic for ndarrays

ndarray-continuous Create continuous "chunked" grids/volumes with ndarrays

ndarray-convolve Convolution and cross correlation functions for ndarrays

ndarray-distance Lp distance between ndarrays

ndarray-downsample2x Downsample by a factor of two using sinc interpolation

ndarray-extract-contour Generic contour extraction library for surface nets/dual contouring

ndarray-fft FFT for ndarrays

ndarray-fill Fills an ndarray with function

ndarray-gaussian-filter Gaussian filter for ndarrays

ndarray-group Wraps a group of ndarrays into a single virtual ndarray

ndarray-hash Hash table backed sparse ndarray

ndarray-imshow Displays an ndarray as an image

ndarray-json Serialize/deserialize ndarrays to and from JSON

ndarray-linear-interpolate Multilinear interplation for ndarrays

ndarray-matrix-vector-product Dense matrix-vector multiplication

ndarray-moments Statistical moments of ndarrays

ndarray-nobuffer Multidimensional Arrays

ndarray-normalize Normalizes an ndarray to zero mean and unit variance

ndarray-ops Common operations for ndarray arrays

ndarray-pack Packs an array-of-arrays into a single ndarray

ndarray-prefix-sum Computes a prefix sum of an ndarray

ndarray-proxy Lazy ndarrays

ndarray-scratch Pooled memory for ndarrays

ndarray-segment Run length encoded sparse ndarray

ndarray-select Linear time selection algorithm for ndarrays

ndarray-sort Sorts ndarrays in place

ndarray-stencil Stencil operations for ndarrays

ndarray-string ndarray views of strings

ndarray-text Takes a 2D ndarray, and converts it to a legible string.

ndarray-to-binvox Dumps an ndarray to a binvox stream

ndarray-tops Returns the highest points of a 3d ndarray as a 2d ndarray.

ndarray-translate Shifts ndarrays

ndarray-translate-fft Translates ndarrays using sinc interpolation

ndarray-unpack Converts an ndarray into an array-of-arrays

ndarray-warp ndarray image warping

ndconvert Convert an image to an ndarray json file

ndgemm Matrix multiplication for ndarrays

ndthree The unholy union of three.js and ndarrays

phase-align Finds patterns in ndarrays

phase-unwrap Phase unwrapping for ndarrays

quick-normal-map Quickly generates a normal map based on a 2D heightmap

rect-mip-map arbitrary rectangle mip mapping for texture atlases

rle-ndarray Convert between ndarrays and rle volumes

save-pixels Saves an ndarray as an image to a file

se2-correlate Correlation over the 2D rigid motion group for images

stl-obj-viewer uses three.js to display a 3D stl or obj file

surface-nets General purpose level set extraction

tile-mip-map Tile base mip mapping for texture atlases

typed-array-function Typed-array-function allows the simple creation of element wise function operators for javascript TypedArray data.

typed-array-ops Element wise operator functions for ndarray data.

typed-array-rotate Rotate a data array

typed-array-warp Warp a data array

typed-matrix-ops Numeric Javascript matrix operators ported to typed-array-function

typed-numeric-uncmin Port of Numeric Javascript unconstrained minimization to typed-matrix-ops/typed-array-ops

voxel-mesher Voxel ambient occlusion mesher

voxel-shader Ambient occlusion capable shader for ao-mesher

voxelize Voxelizes a mesh into an ndarray

zero-crossings Finds all zero crossings in a 1D ndarray

zeros Initialize an ndarray with zeros

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