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bass-nedb NeDB Adapter for Bass.js

cacher-nedb A pluggable backend for Cacher that uses nedb

co-nedb nedb generator goodness for co

connect-nedb-session Nedb-backed session store for Connect/Express session middleware

hapi-db An environment based NeDB/MongoDB database switcher

hapi-nedb A generic NeDB database adapter for Hapi

iper-nedb embedded database for hypergraphs

localize-api helpful resource for getting external api's and making them local

mongosmash A JS Harmony MongoDB/NeDB ODM

nedb-logger Logger outputting messages to a file in a nedb-readable format with minimal memory footprint

nedb-to-mongodb Put all your data in a NeDB database in a MongoDB collection

restify-nedb simple to use nedb cache layer with restful api routing

sails-nedb NeDB adapter for Sails / Waterline - 0.10.x

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