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ase gossip-like protocol to maintain a distributed network of peers

btc-p2p Manage a network of Bitcoin peers

bwm-ng Node module to read network interface speeds from bwm-ng.

connectivity Detect if the network is up (do we have connectivity?)

convnetjs Deep Learning library. Supports Convolutional (and ordinary) Neural Networks

cote An auto-discovery mesh network framework for building fault-tolerant and scalable applications

crytter distributed peer to peer social networking feeds

cxn Network connection module with online/offline events

dhcp Low level dhcp server

digger-network The contract / request and reply modules for digger

dircc Detachable, persistent IRC connection.

embed Embedly API for node

enet The ENet Networking Library cross compiled to javascript

evilscan Massive ports scanner for node.

external-address NodeJS Module to Lookup your External (IP) Address

extip CLI and NPM package for fetching your external IP-address.

fann FANN (Fast Artificial Neural Network Library) bindings for Node.js

floody combines floods of small stream writes while not delaying or buffering writes when not flooded. buffers only up to configure ammount and only keeps buffer around for at most configured interval.

getip Simple module to get IP of the platform

gl-modules-viz Just experimenting with making a force-directed graph of the core modules available in the []( ecosystem, potentially to include on the home page.

gulp-watch-network Watch File Events received over the Network using net.connect and Listen

inteface-addresses get the private network ip address of the machine

interface-addresses get the private network ip address of the machine

ipport convert ip:port object/string/buffer

iproute Show and manipulate network devices, addresses, routing, policy routing and tunnels.

ipv4-tools IPv4 toolkit for NodeJS

irc-client IRC client logic using irc-protocol for communication

ircc IRC connection library.

is-png Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a PNG image

is-webp Check if a Buffer/Uint8Array is a WebP image

is2 A type checking library where each exported function returns either true or false and does not throw. Also added tests.

jjg-ping A simple ping wrapper for Node.js which returns the latency and result of a ping to a given address.

jsdx-connman JSDX Connection Manager API

jsmc Pure JavaScript Minecraft server playcanvas network extention for websockets

mcnet Bindings to the libmcnet Minecraft network protocol parser library

mdn CLI for easily opening JavaScript documentation on the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) in your browser

meta-path Provides metadata information about resource paths (file system and shared network)

mockets Mock sockets for nodejs

multiwebsock2tcp Sort of restfull client to create multiple WebSocket-to-TCP proxy/bridges

ndflow n-dimensional network flow solver

net-ping Ping and trace route to many hosts at once.

net-snmp JavaScript implementation of the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

netbuffer General purpose & network buffer extensions.

netmask Parse and lookup IP network blocks

netOS Event driven network operating system

NetOS Event driven network operating system

network-address get the local network address of your machine

network-component Measure and detect changes in network performance

network-constants a bunch of network (mainly HTTP) constants for js programs (node + browser), AMD

nn Fast and simple neural network for node.js

node-active Simple Node.js helper module for Active Network API

node-arp Read the ARP table to find MAC addresses (forked from tecknopaul)

node-forge JavaScript implementations of network transports, cryptography, ciphers, PKI, message digests, and various utilties.

node-irc An easy to use IRC socket wrapper

node-networkip Simple module to get IP of the platform

node-ringbuffer A simple ring buffer based on the native node.js Buffer class

node-synapse [WIP] Registering P2P IPs

nodeshark Wrapper around libwireshark providing network packet dissection

openport Finds open network ports.

openvpn-config-splitter Splits OpenVPN (.ovpn) files into separate files for private key, user+ca certificates and tls-auth key, for use with network-manager in debian/ubuntu

osx-wifi-cli A command line tool for managing wifi connection in osx

p2p-manager Create a peer-to-peer relationship

p2p-node Create a peer-to-peer relationship

packet Pure JavaScript evented binary parsers and serializers for Node.js.

paxos A Multi-Paxos implementation in pure JavaScript.

pub-sub-js Distributed publish/subscribe messaging system

qping A simple ping wrapper using a promise libary (Q).

randomgraph A small library for generating, well, random graphs. Not that many models at the moment, feel free to jump in and add some more. The algorithms were partly ported and double-checked with the Gephi implementations.

raw-socket Raw sockets for Node.js.

re-pair reconnect robustness

recon Keep a network connection alive by reconnecting repeatedly

relaychum friend-to-friend anonymous darknet

remotelog Log library with multiple transports: console [colored], file, network, socket

request-replay Replays a request when a network error occurs

rtpmidi A node js implementation of Apples Network Midi Protocol.

sag A light weight library for connecting to CouchDB that works in both Node and the browser.

sdnv Self-Delimiting Numeric Value Codec

setup A server config utility for nodejs

sigar Sigar binding for Node.js

sigar-fork Sigar binding for Node.js

simplehar Har viewer made simple

smart-buffer A smarter Buffer that keeps track of its own read and write positions while growing endlessly.

snmp-native A native Javascript SNMP implementation for Node.js

sock A simple network transport for talking between Node instances

sockemitter EventEmitter over a network

socketproxy Socket proxy for Windows and Unix

solidipes a partially connected mesh network with messaging and discovery

speed-test-http-server service that test terminal network speed by browser graphically, run any size.

suckit Suck up a data stream and store it in LevelDB

syncnet A simple synchronous TCP library for Node.js

syntagma-versions Project Forked and Improved from Content Delivery Network

systemapp A sleek and smart infrastructure mapping and monitoring tool by Zalando.

tart-marshal Send messages between memory domains (tart module)

tcpnet Creates TCP connections between nodes without configuration

telegraft node.js ZEROMQ mesh network

test-sigar-gyp Sigar binding for Node.js

torius Torius is simple module to work with TOR network

uupaa.nodeproxy.js XMLHttpRequest Proxy for Node.js

uupaa.proxy.js XMLHttpRequest Proxy

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