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betfair Betfair JSON API

embryo The most simple, customizable and easy to use JavaScript standard inheritance library

ep_help_bubbles Help bubbles for Etherpad Lite

ep_new_pad Etherpad lite plugin to crate a REALLY new pad (database check). Call to use it.

experimental cross platform way to retrieve experimental features

module-seed Seed repo for new node modules

new-date Creates a new Date, but accepts a few more input types than normal.

newmimosa Mimosa's scaffolding functionality/command, 'mimosa new'

newrelic-config Newrelic configurator

newt force insanceof... I got better!

npmedge Lists packages whose latest available version does not satisfy the specification in package.json.

nu nu (new) -- functional object allocation

sails-generate-new-but-like-express Generate a new for Sails.

sails-generate-new-with-mast Override for `sails new` that sets up a new project w/ Mast.

sinew A simple module for enforcing the new keyword and privatizing object methods using the revelation pattern

sprout Simple project templating

twimap Twimap is a very simple Node.js module for collecting twitter followers user-name's from a specific date.

webcam-snow An application that uses the web camera and the hand movements changing the snow direction in the page.

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