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char-split splits an stream on a character (e.g. \n) and emits the strings in between

coffeelint-min-colon-spacing Validate a minimum spacing left and right of a colon assignment

coffeelint-newline-after-function Validate a newline policy after function definitiions

coffeelint-newline-at-eof Validate a newline policy at the end of each file

dos2unix A Node.js module to convert text files with DOS line breaks to Unix line breaks, i.e. like using `dos2unix`.

eol Newline character converter

jlick Streaming configurably terminated (simple) JSON parser

jspit Streaming configurably terminated JSON serialiser

jsuck Streaming (optionally) newline/whitespace delimited JSON parser

linerstream Split a readable stream by newline characters

linewise Splits a stream into lines

linez Parses lines from text, preserving line numbers, offsets and line endings.

newline-stream Read and process a stream delimited by newlines

newlinepoint Normalize or convert newlines

newliner Coda 2 Plugin to ensure a newline at the EOF

nlstream newline-delimited JSON stream

nwlnr A simple node module for splitting string input by new line.

read-file Lightweight methods for reading from the file system, async and sync, with extras for stripping byte order marks and normalizing newlines.

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