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confidencial-ni-node Web scraping

fat Framework for processing feeds

hacker-news-api Node.js library for Algolia's Hacker News API

hacker-news-parser parser for hacker news comments

hn.js Hacker News Scraper

hnuserdownload Download all comments/stories for a Hacker News user

hnuserstats Get statistics for comments/stories for a Hacker News user

hubot-superfeedr Pushes realtime news from superfeedr to hubot

jsteaser Creates a summary for articles

news Hacker news and reddit in the CLI.

newswriter NewsWriter is a generic tool for maintaining news and announcements on a website news page. Details are held in an SQLite database, from which the tool generates the index page (typically the top page of the target site), individual pages for events and a

nntp An NNTP client module for node.js

term-hackernews Command line reader for Hacker News

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