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connect-proxy Retrieve originating ip/host values when proxying to your connect app

crazy An almost-web-framework. Use more Nginx!

download-3scale-config Get your 3scale Nginx configs

empty-gif Buffer with transparent 1x1 gif image

emyll Virtual Hosts Manager for Apache and Nginx

express-static-angular-seo A simple reverse proxy that takes any URL and uses PhantomJS to fetch a version that has the JavaScript executed. Set the Host HTTP header to use this for more than one domain.

grunt-ec2 Grunt tasks to create, terminate, and deploy to AWS EC2 instances

grunt-ec2-2 Grunt tasks to create, terminate, and deploy to AWS EC2 instances

grunt-nginx Grunt task for Nginx to start, stop and restart a server.

hory hory image server

ngineer Generate proxy routes for nginx

nginx-conf Dynamically update nginx configuration files via programmatic API

nginx-conf-parser nginx config files parser based on jison

nginx-stubstatus node parser for the nginx stub status response (

nodeginx Generate the Nginx configuration file as proxy for Node.js

nodeserver Nodeserver is a NodeJS Web Server with reverse proxy functionality alternative to Nginx reverse proxy for NodeJS projects

poooe Node.js/PHP Init Script

sng THE script that manages NGinx/PHP developement server

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