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cansecurity cansecurity is your all-in-one security library for user authentication, authorization and management in node expressjs apps

captcha2 captcha version 2

cartouche A minimal node.js image service powered by Amazon S3.

cashbox javascript cache library with configurable storage

categorizr Device detection script to categorize devices as desktop, tv, tablet, or mobile.

ccap node.js generate captcha using c++ library CImg without install any other lib or software

ccrypto Node.js C++ & JS-Native MD5 encoding of strings/arrays

cell [WIP] PN:OI Single Artificial Brain Cell

chamber Javascript modules for the node and the browser

chnode Change between installed Node version in your shell.

class-js Simple OO Class factory

cliak Node CLI for CRUD operations on a Riak distributed database instance

client-error Error class for Node servers

closure-pro-build Build projects using some or all of Closure's JS Compiler, Templates (Soy), Stylesheets (GSS), and JS Library.

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

co-migrator Database migration tool for compound.js

coach Full Stack Web Framework for Node.js

coinjar Coinjar API (business and personal) client for node.js

colle A Nodejs dependency injection library

collide Library for compating style and script resources.

common-logger Cross-browser and Node.js empowered logging

commons A stdlib for and set of compatibility shims for CommonJS environments

comner Command line utils for node.

compn Create symlinks from components/ folder to node_modules/

component-plus-node makes components work in both node and the browser

composers Framework for abstracting nuances of asynchronous coding.

composite-detect Detect your environment: Node.js, Browser, and CommonJS.

concurrency A way to achieve concurrency running multiple tasks

condvar Conditional variables to simplify asynchronous code

config-ini async config.ini loader (with optional override

config-node Flexible lightweight configuration loader for Node

connect-oauth2 [WIP] Lightweight OAuth v2 provider with minimal dependencies, as a connect middleware

console.html Adds console.html method that can beautifully output HTML string / HTMLNode

console.table Adds console.table method that prints an array of objects as a table in console

constants-browserify node's constants module for the browser

content.js Content

coral Node JS framework to dynamically create REST application with express and mongoose Models

core-http-benchmark benchmark implementations of the http module from node core

corejs CoreJS ===========

corkable corkable ========

couch-promise promise based couch client

couleur A node.js port of color-thief.js library by lokesh -

cqrsnode cqrs framework for node.js

crafity-jstest Crafity Test Framework

crafity-log4js Port of Log4js to work with node and crafity-logging.

crafity-nodemanager Manage multiple node instances

crudr CRUD operations on persistent connection stores

cryptopp Node.js static bindings for the Crypto++ library

csv CSV parser with simple api, full of options and tested against large datasets.

cubby simple storage

cypher-stream Streams cypher query results in a clean format

cyrus An express-based Node.js architype web application bootstrapping module.

d3-helpers Little utility D3 functions

database Database API for Node.js

database.js Database API for Node.js

datasyman node version manager

dawn The angularjs test and develop for

db-node DB wrapper which enable to use Relational DataBase without SQL.

db-nodejs DB wrapper which enable to use Relational DataBase without SQL.

deadunit A dead-simple nestable unit testing library for javascript and node.js.

deadunit-core The core for deadunit - a dead-simple nestable unit testing library for javascript in node.js and the browser.

debugcallback Simple debugging of callbacks

deferred-fs Provides a promise-based API for Node's filesystem APIs.

deferred-listener Extend Node.js requestListeners with deferred promise support

dependency-promise Add the Deferrable Pattern to Your Dependency Graphs

deploy-hook Lightweight Node.JS deployer to be used with Bitbucket or Github POST service hooks

deqorator A very lightweight queued decorator for Node.js to easily decorate objects using middleware.

der-server to create a node server

derby-ui-modal Derby ui component library / modal

derby-ui-toast Notification messages for Derby

derby-user-providers Add third party provider support to derby-user Design and Test Your App in Real-Time from TextMate JavaScript Watcher for Design.IO Stylesheet Watcher for Design.IO

detectmobilebrowsers Mobile browser detection based on user-agent

diaochapai API for

discover Node discovery based on Kademlia DHT protocol

dnsproxy A simple DNS proxy server for Node.js

docrouter Documented Connect/Express Router. Send OPTIONS to see what kind of operations a Connect/Express server supports.

domus_node Node.js web frontend to heyu

doozer-build An HTML-smart app build process.

dotdot Replaced with to shorten common JS syntax under node

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

dre A NodeJS library for a fast and easy way of accessing Windows Azure Table Storage.

dropbox-datastore-node Node.js wrapper for Dropbox Datastore API

drupal-client Javascript Drupal Services Client

drupal-services Promise-base NodeJS REST wrapper for Drupal Services 3.x API.

dublog 基于Node.js的静态博客程序

dumbbell MVC framework for Node.js.

duplex-pipe a friendlier .pipe() for duplex streams that doesn't do cleanup on 'end'

dynamis Node.JS cache API for various persistence layers

dynamodb Simple DynamoDB Library for Node.js

dynamoDB A node js module for accessing Amazon DynamoDB

easyapi Build quick and simple RESTfull APIs using Node.js and connect. Based on resty by Alex Angelini <>

easydb Take away the pain of writing SQL statements and running queries.

ebay-global-header Node module to enable the eBay Global Header and Footer on the Node stack at eBay

ebay-ready-client node client for resoruce framework 2.0

echoprint-codegen Echoprint Codegen wrapper for node

echoprint-codgen Echoprint Codegen wrapper for node

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