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eddy Event Driven JS

edgegrid-node A Node.js client, reference implementation and authentication library for EdgeGrid.

edon A middleware for modifying JSON responses from REST APIs.

eemitterport Wrap nodejs eventemitter to work both on node and in browser

elliott a `require()` replacement (specifically, a “code acquisition system.”)

em Extended Modules for Node.js

emachine Simple evented state machine

endgame A tiny module for ensuring uncaught exceptions are handled in Node.js

epeg Node bindings for the Epeg library

epic Epoch

epoch Epoch

error-factory Generate valid custom error and exception classes for Node.js.

escaperoute A node.js router that implements reverse matching

etcsv The Editing table for CSV databese

eureca Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of sockjs Nodejs remote procedure call built on top of

event-pubsub Pubsub events for Node and the browser allowing event scoping and multiple scopes. Easy for any developer level. No frills, just high speed pubsub events!

event-queue CommonJS Reactor/A for nodejs, browser and jetpack

event-target W3C EventTarget Interface / Mixin

eventemitter Nodejs implementation of EventEmitter

events-component Node's events module in the browser

ex-markdown extend markdown function

exdate the best date tool for javascript/node

execxi Node extension that synchronously executes multiple shell commands in given order and outputs results in real-time!

exploitsearch A Node.js client for accessing API,

express_layout Express3+ layout handling

express-db A lightweight local key-value store that integrates with your express.js application.

express-enrouten An express route initialization and configuration module.

express-jslint-reporter Express middleware to render jslint errors.

express-sslify Enforces SSL for node.js express projects

express-timeout Sets the timeout for sockets in connect or express.

express-tumblr-oauth "Drop in Tumblr API with OAuth for Express"

express-vhost Scalable vhost middleware for express.

express-zipkin A Zipkin Client for express apps that wraps the node-tryfer project.

eyewitness Pearson Eyewitness api library

ez-ctrl EZController =======

faculty-api Tool for creating a simple RESTful API from a Mongoose model with Express

fakelearnnodejs The note of learn nodejs

fastbill This module is an early implementation of some features of the fastbill-api.

fastgpio a nodejs gpio library for the raspberry pi using the fastest way to export values

fathom Node tooling for

fb-parser Connect middleware that allow the Facebook Open Graph parser to read your webapp page

feature-toggle A painless feature toggle system in JavaScript. Decouple development and deployment.

filer Node-like file system for browsers

firegrowl Get Growl notifications when your firebase data changes during development

fireprox A simple proxy for MozRepl over HTTP GET using express/nodejs

firmata-ioboard Firmata implementation of ioboard

fis-sass Anothor libsass wrapper for node. Support sass syntax.

fitbit-node A Fitbit API client library written in Node.js.

flatdom A flat array representation of DOM data

flex-combo The Flex-combo is combo tool designed for web front-end developer. It support various kinds of combo format by modify configuration(eg. yahoo combo).

flexible Easily build flexible, scalable, and distributed, web crawlers.

fogjs FogJS brings the cloud down to earth by providing abstraction that make it easier to interact with the Azure APIs in Node.js applications.

foreverest Schedule timeouts >24d

frc node.js support for a variety of frc functionality

freshbooks-node Freshbooks Node Library

frvr Minimalist forever

fs-utils File system extras and utilities to extend the Node.js fs module.

fscloud Local and Cloud filesystem storage for node

ftp-proxy NodeJS ftp proxy prepared for active and passive connections with transfer stats plugin and logging module

function-graph Easily draw function graphs via NodeJS in Terminal.

functional-pipeline Quickly chain method calls, property access and functions in natural left to right expression

fwk Simple JS framework for node.js

gc-parser GC log parser for Node.js, based on --trace_gc and --trace_gc_nvp options.

generatable throw a useful error when generator functions arent available

generator-bbe Yeoman generator for Backbone and Express

generator-coffee A coffee generator for Yeoman

generator-gulper Gulp webapp generator

generator-hyper-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS/Express/node.js apps emphasizing modularity, configuration, and testing

generator-marionette-express Yeoman generator for Marionette and Express

generator-mean-seed Yeoman generator for MEAN-seed - AngularJS and node.js responsive/cross-platform/mobile ready app/website

generator-meanjs MEAN.JS Official Yeoman Generator

generator-nesa NESA - NodeExpressSocketIOAngular Project Generator

generator-nj A generator for Yeoman

generator-node A node generator for Yeoman

generator-node-adv A generator for Yeoman. This generator will create a NodeJS project. It has some advanced features (hence the name).

generator-node-coffee A node generator for Yeoman for Coffee-Script projects

generator-node-gulp A node generator for Yeoman

generator-node-mocha A node generator for Yeoman with Mocha unit tests

generator-nodejs A Yeoman generator for node.js modules

generator-venm A generator for Yeoman for a VENM stack

generator-wechat-bot A Yeoman generator for wechat bot

generator-yeoman-dynamic A dynamic Yeoman generator template, which scans the template files and duplicates them exactly.

genie-express A framework for express

get-pixels Reads the pixels of an image as an ndarray

get-query-selector get the query selector for a given element

get-scrapper This is light GET scrapper.

git-node-platform A js-git platform implementation for node.js

gitlett Read from a git repository just like you would the filesystem

gitoriou.js Get gitorious information as JSON

gitstrap gitstrap ========

globber Wrapper around node-glob with a friendly DSL

gnode Run node with ES6 Generators, today!

gonode gonode - Go for node.js

google-fonts-downloader Google Web Fonts downloader

google-speech-api Google Speech API wrapper for node

google-speech-format Google Speech audio formatter.

Graph A mathematical Graph theory library.

gravitate Yet another node library for Gravatar with support for both the photo and profile APIs.

groupdocs-javascript Javascipt client for GroupDocs API

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