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grunt-este-watch Run predefined tasks whenever watched file changes. LiveReload included.

grunt-execute Execute code in node

grunt-external-daemon Grunt.js task to launch external background processes

grunt-init-node-bin Create a Node.js module with Executable, CoffeeScript, Mocha, Chai & Bumber.

grunt-json-generator Write your json files easily.

grunt-json2sass Generate SASS vars file out of a JSON

grunt-kunstmaan-generate Easily create new SCSS modules within a Kunstmaan project.

grunt-listen Bridge between Grunt and Listen gem.

grunt-nautilus Build modular javascript applications that make sense

grunt-node-version A grunt task to ensure you are using the node version required by your project's package.json

grunt-nodeify Convert js files to node modules

grunt-rebase Rewrite linked references/urls/srcs in files.

grunt-reconfigure Grunt.js task to override config options in certain environments or situations.

grunt-render Grunt tasks initiated on the server side while rendering views

grunt-tdd Run browser and Node JS tests on Buster, Mocha or Jasmine and get the reports in the browser

grunt-ux-concat Grunt task that concatinates JavaScript source files for various distribution styles like node, amd, and browsers.

gt JavaScript native QUnit runner with code coverage and multiple extensions

gulp-define-module gulp.js plugin for creating modules

hadoop The HTTP REST API supports the complete FileSystem interface for HDFS

hai-node-summit NODE SUMMIT FTW

hamjest A JavaScript implementation of Hamcrest

hammock Node.js mock / polyfill http object library for http req / res

harmonize Enables node's --harmony flag programmatically.

hash_ring Consistent hashing C++ Add-on for node.js

hashmap HashMap Class for JavaScript

hat.js The Deployer

hateoasjs HATEOAS library to help create resources on the Node.js platform

haunted A node module for validating site analytics

heatmaps Library for node canvas based heatmaps

hi-mixin Makes it easy to define mixins that can be added to your classes

hip-pager-bot Create and customize a HipChat bot that interacts with PagerDuty.

hive-model A local-memory model/database system for storing and retrieving object based data

hls-watcher A node.js module that provides you with functionalities for m3u8 (hls) files watching

hooks Adds pre and post hook functionality to your JavaScript methods.

hooks-callback Fork of hooks adding support for callback functions and modification of the callback variables.

htdigest Node.js package for HTTP Digest Authentication password file utility.

html-encoder-decoder HTML Encoder / Decoder - Converts characters to their corresponding HTML Entities

html-to-pdf A Node HTML to PDF converter using a the Java flyingsaucer library.

html-to-text Simple html to plain text converter

htpasswd Node.js package for HTTP Basic Authentication password file utility.

http-auth Node.js package for HTTP basic and digest access authentication.

http-auth2 HTTP server with basic authentication.

http-codes Map of HTTP status messages to codes based on Node's built-in (inverse) map

http-mock HTTP mocking server

http-static-gzip-regexp Middleware for using pre-compressed gzip files based on regexp url pattern

http-status-codes Constants enumerating the HTTP status codes. Based on the Java Apache HttpStatus API.

httplite A lightweight wrapper for Node's HTTP implementation to make usage more convenient and less verbose

httpls Redirect HTTP requests to HTTPS

httpstatus HTTP status class for NodeJS

hubot-twitterstream-script Hubot Twitter Streaming

huxley New wave front-end testing.

hvalidator HIgh performance nodejs validator moudle with C++.

i18n.js I18n API for Node.js

icarus Node Environment Deployment Manager

id3_reader Reads and Writes ID3 tags for audio files using Javascript

ifile High performance nodejs http/https static file handler,using c++ addon and libuv lib

image-shrink Middleware for resizing images

image-to-ascii Node.js module that converts a PNG image to ASCII art.

imvvm Immutable MVVM for React

includemvc Helpers to require files without the relative paths.

infector Infects a dependant object with it's dependencies, i.e., a simple JS dependency injection module.

infinite-loop infinite loop in nodejs, easy to use, good performance

ingen An event driven, fully customizable, static site generator for node.

inh DEPRECATED, see Was: both browser- and node-friendly inherits() for browserify

injector.js [Some nice adjective] dependency injection library for JavaScript in browsers and NodeJS

instagram-node Simple Instagram driver for Node.js

ioboard Provides a standard interface to boards capable of IO (e.g. Arduinos, Maestros, Raspberry Pis, etc) and their firmware

is-node Returns true if it's running on NodeJS

isnode Are we running in node?

istool Functional helper library with Higher Order Functions.

it-works-docker-node-sandbox A vagrant node sandbox with [prebuilt docker images](

it-works-node-sandbox A vagrant/docker vm sandbox with node installed from source

jadequire require jade files in node

jasmine-nodal jasmine 2 for Node.js

jasmine-spec-prototype Adds the prototype hash to Suites, to allow overridable methods.

jassg Just another static site generator

jassg-core Just another static site generator - Core lib

javascript-transformer Tool used to transform a file into another file by applying transformers to it

jdbc Node Module JDBC wrapper

jipe Filter, extract from and pretty print a stream of JSON objects.

jirest CLI for JIRA's REST API

jmri-client node client to connect to a JMRI xmlio webservice

jobber-track A simple way to create and see the status of jobs

jock Jock is a sync execution chain based FSM.

johnnys-node-static-test Test application for Johnny's node static.

jscache jscache =======

jscoverage a javascript coverage tool, can be used in node dev, and browser side js dev

jsdoc-plugin-strip-outer-iife JSDoc plugin to filter out root-level IIFE before processing

jsfiddle-to-git Convert a JSFiddle to Git repository.

json-attributed-string JSON Attributed String. A simple utility used to create JSON objects designed to work with NSMutableAttributedString+JSON objective-c category.

json-deep Adds the JSON.deep method, which creates a deep copy of json data structure

json-rpc A simple and lightweight NodeJs JSON-RPC 2.0 implementation including object wrapping.

json-settings-schema Use json schema spec to validate a provided JSON object or filename including schema's defaults

json2sass Generate SASS vars files out of JSONs

jsonminify JSON.minify() minifies blocks of JSON-like content into valid JSON by removing all whitespace *and* comments.

jsonp-client jsonp minimal client for the browser (1.4K) and Node.js

jsregress Javascript statistical library

jsutils Utilities for JavaScript.

jsxlsx_async a simple javascript libray to read xlsx file asynchronously

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