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compn Create symlinks from components/ folder to node_modules/

component-linknpm Link downloaded components into node_modules

depz Set dependencies in package.json

find-modules Recursively find modules in node_modules

flatten-packages flat packages in node_modules

grunt-git-to-nodemodules Simply copy node_module from git to node_modules folder

linked-module-checker Help node.js module development flow more freely

localdeps Checks if everything is up to date

localizer Localized and configureable async and sync `requre.resolve()` implementation.

lua-loader Manage your Lua modules with npm

missing Check that all modules in node_modules are included in package.json

module-root Get the resolved path the root directory of any npm package locally installed in node_modules.

npm-auto-dep Tool that searches your project's source code for all requires of external modules. Interactively adds dependencies to package.json based on their metadata.

readmetree see every readme in your project. great for offline coding.

safestart Checks if everything is up to date

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