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nodebb-plugin-42 customizing header and footer lil bit

nodebb-plugin-aliyun-oss A Plugin that uploads images to aliyun oss

nodebb-plugin-archiver Archival Plugin for NodeBB, that automatically locks topics after a certain level of inactivity

nodebb-plugin-bbcode-to-markdown NodeBB BBCode to Markdown Plugin

nodebb-plugin-blog-comments NodeBB Blog Comments (Ghost / WP Commenting Engine)

nodebb-plugin-buzzer NodeBB plugin that will add the classic MSN buzzer to the chat!

nodebb-plugin-cash NodeBB Cash MOD

nodebb-plugin-category-info NodeBB Plugin - Adds latest post information to each category block on the home page. Utilizes masonry to stack category blocks neatly

nodebb-plugin-chat-emote NodeBB Chat Emote Plugin

nodebb-plugin-color NodeBB Plugin that allows users to use colors in their posts.

nodebb-plugin-custom-homepage Allows you to define a custom homepage for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-dailymotion NodeBB Dailymotion Plugin

nodebb-plugin-dbsearch A Plugin that let's users search posts and topics

nodebb-plugin-designer NodeBB Mousetrap Plugin

nodebb-plugin-desktop-notifications NodeBB Desktop Notifications

nodebb-plugin-dwnvtr NodeBB plugin to add interesting effects to downvoted posts and/or users with negative reputation (trolls)

nodebb-plugin-emailer-local NodeBB plugin to send emails via an SMTP service

nodebb-plugin-emailer-mailgun An emailer plugin for NodeBB using Mailgun as a third party service

nodebb-plugin-emailer-mandrill An emailer plugin for NodeBB using Mandrill as a third party service

nodebb-plugin-emailer-postageapp An emailer plugin for NodeBB using PostageApp as a third party service

nodebb-plugin-emailer-postmark An emailer plugin for NodeBB using Postmark as a third party service

nodebb-plugin-emoji Emoji for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-emoji-extended Emoji for NodeBB with emoticon-mapping and text-completion:)

nodebb-plugin-emoji-skype Skype Emoji for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-featured-threads Featured Threads & Widget for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-finder finds plugins that you can install for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-gallery NodeBB Lightbox Gallery Plugin

nodebb-plugin-github NodeBB GitHub SSO

nodebb-plugin-google-adsense Plugin to easily place ads on your forum in different areas

nodebb-plugin-google-analytics Google Analytics for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-imgbed Creates an image tag to an image url that you post

nodebb-plugin-imgur A Plugin that uploads images to imgur

nodebb-plugin-import Import your structured set of forum data to nodebb

nodebb-plugin-import-ubb a UBB forum exporter to import-ready files

nodebb-plugin-kitchen-sink NodeBB Kitchen Sink

nodebb-plugin-linkcheck A Plugin to check if links are still alive

nodebb-plugin-livereload Add a live-reload tag to the forum (intended for development)

nodebb-plugin-mailchimp A MailChimp Hook for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-markdown A Markdown parser for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-mentions NodeBB Plugin that allows users to mention other users by prepending an '@' sign to their username

nodebb-plugin-metro-tiles Inspired by Windows 8 Modern UI - causes the tiles on the homepage to animate and slide up, revealing category description and latest posts.

nodebb-plugin-ogmetadata format link pasted in edit form

nodebb-plugin-openid-steam NodeBB OpenID Steam

nodebb-plugin-outside Makes anchor links open in a new window.

nodebb-plugin-rps-battle-rpg A simple combat and levelling up system for NodeBB.

nodebb-plugin-rss A RSS Plugin to pull feeds and post them in to categories

nodebb-plugin-s3-uploads A plugin for NodeBB to take file uploads and store them on S3

nodebb-plugin-sanitizehtml An HTML Sanitizer parser for NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-shortcuts Adds shortcuts to NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-shoutbox NodeBB Shoutbox Plugin

nodebb-plugin-sketchfab NodeBB Sketchfab Plugin

nodebb-plugin-soundcloud NodeBB SoundCloud Plugin

nodebb-plugin-soundpack-default Default Sound Pack

nodebb-plugin-soundpack-vintage-im Vintage Instance Messenger Sound Pack

nodebb-plugin-spam-be-gone anti spam using both and

nodebb-plugin-spotify NodeBB plugin for embedding songs and albums on Spotify

nodebb-plugin-sso-facebook NodeBB Facebook SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-github NodeBB GitHub SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-google NodeBB Google SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-oauth NodeBB Generic OAuth SSO

nodebb-plugin-sso-twitter NodeBB Twitter SSO

nodebb-plugin-starwars NodeBB Starwars Plugin

nodebb-plugin-static-page NodeBB Plugin - Generates a sample static page in HTML/CSS

nodebb-plugin-streamlist This plugin adds a button to the header that shows links to people's stream.

nodebb-plugin-topic-badges NodeBB Topic Badges - Allows users to label a topic with a badge by prefixing their title in square brackets

nodebb-plugin-twitter NodeBB Plugin that allows users to embed tweets inline in their posts

nodebb-plugin-twitter-hashtag A Plugin that turns twitter hashtags into search links

nodebb-plugin-ubbmigrator Converts your UBB Topics, Posts and Users to NodeBB

nodebb-plugin-vibration-notifications NodeBB Vibration Notifications for Mobile

nodebb-plugin-vimeo NodeBB Vimeo Plugin

nodebb-plugin-youku A NodeBB plugin allows users to embed Youku videos inline in their posts

nodebb-plugin-youtube NodeBB YouTube Plugin

nodebb-starwars-plugin NodeBB Starwars Plugin

nodebb-theme-blacknred A dark theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-cerulean Cerulean theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-dark-rectangles Dark Theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-halloween Halloween theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-lavender Lavender Theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-lavender-remake Lavender Theme Remake for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-pewter Lavender Theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-purplish Purplish theme for NodeBB

nodebb-theme-vanilla Vanilla theme for NodeBB

nodebb-widget-essentials NodeBB Essential Widgets

ubb-redirect Redirect your UBB thread urls to others using a map

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