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aerogel CrazyFlie control software

ar-drone-png-stream HTTP png stream from nodecopter using multipart/x-mixed-replace

ardrone-autonomy Building blocks for autonomous flying an AR.Drone.

ardrone-browser-3d 3D display of the AR.Drone in a browser.

ardrone-panorama Automated 360° Panorama with ARDrone 2.0.

ardrone-webflight Extensible remote-control environment for the AR Drone.

drona AR Drone experiments

dronestream video live stream from your parrot ar.drone 2.0 to your browser in pure javascript

gps GPS event emitter

hubot-nodecopter Control a Nodecopter with Hubot

logo-drone control the parrot AR drone using the LOGO programming language

nodecopter A Command line utility for nodecopter

nodecopter-leap control your drone with the Leap Motion controller

nodecopter-remote build your own Arduino remote control and create commands for the Parrot AR Drone

qrar Emits decoded QR codes found by your pet flying robot.

voxel-drone An AR Drone simulator in

wifli Simple API for WiFli programmable helicopters. Nodecopter for the common (read: cheap) hacker.

xbox-parrot control an Parrot AR Drone with an xbox controller

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