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1 Distributed pub/sub based in ØMQ

annex DOM insertion module

ase gossip-like protocol to maintain a distributed network of peers

bonzo Library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

d3.force-nodes Operations to add and remove nodes (and their links) from d3 force directed graphs

dependency-foo Serializable General Purpose Dependency Graph

dime cross-browser module to measure dimensions

ebay-bonzo Modified version of Bonzo which is a library agnostic, extensible DOM utility

get-nodes Returns an array of all the elements within a dom element, including the dom element itself

grunt-strip-node Strip JavaScript nodes (like console.* or if(...) ) out of your source code

grunt-strip-nodes Strip JavaScript nodes (like console.* or if(...) ) out of your source code

mark unobtrusive object tracking system

NetOS Event driven network operating system

node-graph Simple library for graph manipulations

node-kluster Kluster - library for create cluster solution base on weakly connected nodes.

qi-nodes Base implementation for composite patterns in JavaScript.

smartdc-listcomputenodes List your joyent machines by the compute node they are running on. Ensure your workload is distributed!

sort-dom Sort a DOM node's children

tcpnet Creates TCP connections between nodes without configuration

traversty Library agnostic utility for DOM collection management and traversal

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