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abcnode ABC notation parser for JavaScript

deepval get and set object values using dot-delimited key strings

dobj Object deep dot access. set, get, del methods available

eivindfjeldstad-dot Get and set object properties with dot notation

humon Implementation of a HUMON parser. HUMON is a human input friendly object notation that compiles to JSON

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

levn Light ECMAScript (JavaScript) Value Notation - human written, concise, typed, flexible

nasa-keypath New Age Keypath Traversal Technology.

pretty-exponential `Number.prototype.toExponential` made beautiful.

react.hiccup Hiccup notation for React.js

shunting-yard Module for converting infix notation to rpn

solfege Library for manipulating musical pitches using solf├Ęge

URLON URL Object Notation. JSON-like encoding for URLs

value-for-keypath Get a value from an object from a keypath string supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

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